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While reading through some of the comments on my post yesterday regarding whether Mara Jade could be making an appearance in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, I began to think about it more and more.

It seems the general opinion on the matter is that basing the sequel trilogy around EU content that already exists is definitely not the way forward, but that it shouldn't be abandoned altogether either. It's as if what we need is a series of spin-off movies that keep the new stories pure but provide the fan service needed to keep the EU fanboys and fangirls happy.

Hang on!
Hang on!

With at least three spin off movies already in the works, some say featuring everyone's favourite intergalactic cat-and-mouse duo Han Solo and Boba Fett, the idea of having completely new stories separate from the overall story arc is far from new. In fact, Disney have been teasing the idea since the very beginning.

But could this be the start of something even bigger? Could it be that these seemingly unconnected spin off movies are really building up to something so unfathomably awesome it could change Star Wars as we know it. Could we be expecting...

A Star Wars Cinematic Universe?

You heard me, people.
You heard me, people.

Let's break it down:

Star Wars is notorious for having an unimaginably complex universe (or at least it did before it all got retconned). Creating a Star Wars Cinematic Universe in the vein of Marvel or soon to be DC would help to easily break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks that will make understanding it a whole lot easier for those that haven't read all the books or the comics.

It would have to start out with a popular character that even newbies to the franchise will recognise, say, Han Solo, for example, to garner enough attention to continue. Maybe this well known hero will even generate their own sub-franchise within this new universe. Sound familiar at all?

Damn right it does.
Damn right it does.

Once the A-listers have secured the idea of a cinematic universe, LucasFilm can then go on to develop lesser known characters into big-budget movies such as the aforementioned Mara Jade or even fan favourite Grand Admiral Thrawn. Once again, this tactic certainly isn't brand new, what with one of this year's biggest blockbusters stemming from one of Marvel's less familiar titles.

And boy, was it FANTASTIC!
And boy, was it FANTASTIC!

Not only that, but it would give many other characters and storylines from the Expanded Universe such as Knights of the Old Republic and Legacy of the Force that much needed screen time. Not only that, but it also opens up the opportunity for a much needed live-action Star Wars Television Series. I mean, Rebels certainly isn't bad and The Clone Wars is right up there as one of my favourite cartoons, but we really do need a darker, grittier view of the Star Wars Universe, perhaps à la Gotham.

And besides, all the biggest movie studios are building huge movie universes right now. Why should Star Wars any different?

But who would you like to see have their own movie, be it from the Expanded Universe or maybe a side character from the original movies. Make sure to mention it in the comments.


Do you think a Star Wars Cinematic Universe could become a reality?


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