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Noun; an abormal fear of clowns.

The above is the definition of coulrophobia - the fear of clowns. Unfortunately, it is critically flawed because being scared of clowns is no way abnormal - it is absolutely and completely understandable. In fact, it is apparently one of the most prevalent phobias of the modern generation.

Of course, standard clowns are creepy enough, with their weird face paint and odd mannerisms, but they're even scarier when they're chasing you down the road with an axe.

This leads me to a new prank video coming from DmPranksProduction. This is apparently their fourth version of the Killer Clown prank, and it might be the most twisted yet.

They clearly live in a country where the carrying of firearms in public isn't allowed...


If I saw these guys I would...

Source: Youtube


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