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Kane Hodder KILLS in the shocking upcoming horror film, MUCK. See more
Steve Wolsh

The bad guy. Every horror movie revolves around the villain.

Say what you will about the heroics of an Ash Williams or an Ellen Ripley. Truth is, there's not much to them until the Necronomicon shows up to ruin everyone's day, or some face-hugging perfect organism volunteers to redecorate your chest parts.

That’s why it's no surprise that the most frequent question we’ve been getting during the Muck Kickstarter campaign is “Who/what is you bad guy?” And while we can’t say what they are exactly, we can tell you what they are not.

They’re not sluggish zombies, weepy vampires, cartoonishly macho werewolves, or ghosts bitter at a life misspent. They don’t lurk in your nightmares or inside your television, and they aren’t alien clowns in the storm drain under your sleepy East coast town.

Even if we can’t tell our fans everything about our bad guys, we can let all of our backers know how much we appreciate them with an exclusive, never-before-seen clip from MUCK.

Without further ado, the “Creepers” of MUCK. They’re truly one-of-a kind, and after a brief introduction by Writer/Director Steve Wolsh, we know you'll love them.

Besides being a great introduction to our bad guy, the clip is also a top-notch tutorial on what to do if you’re tooling around the Cape Cod countryside in your trusty Crown Vic with two smoking-hot companions and you encounter four strange creatures barring the road in the dead of night. A situation we could all conceivably encounter in a world of infinite possibility, right?

But seriously, this exclusive clip is a thank you to our 419 Kickstarter backers. We are more than halfway to our $250,000 funding goal, and we’re so grateful to all of our supporters. We couldn’t think of any better way to show that gratitude than to break off some footage. It’s also a great way for the makers of MUCK to make sure everyone knows what they’re getting for their pledge.

As bad-ass as this never-before-seen MUCK clip is, the prequel will bigger, bloodier, and more disturbing. Trust us for now, and stay tuned for more Muck Kickstarter updates and exclusive MUCK footage!


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