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Now, a lot Marvel fans hate thinking about the fact of Marvel ever rebooting. "Marvel slides the time scale, they don't reboot. That's a DC thing." And yeah, that is very true. BUT it is definitely being hinted by Marvel. Jonathan Hickman's fantastic New Avengers run has touched on the multiverse collapsing (mostly because of the events of [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) and Infinity War) in what are called "incursions", where two universe converge (haha, DC reference) on each other, and share the same space for 8 hours, then they collide, destroying both universes. This storyline went on for some time and then "Time Runs Out" was announced, and it is a storyline jumping 8 months into the future, and touching more on the incursions and the Illuminati being hunted by the "SHIELD Avengers". Then Marvel announced Secret Wars at New York Comic Con. Then THESE came out:

not all of them...x-men '92 and AVX are missing
not all of them...x-men '92 and AVX are missing

These teasers were confusing as heck, but Marvel revealed that they are truly part of their new version of Battleworld, and you can find a link to the video here. These are all apparently "alternate universes" that are merged together to create the new "Battleworld". Sound familiar?

Yeah. Both Marvel and DC are literally doing the same event at around the same time...BUT. Marvel planned this first. How do I know? Marvel has said many times they have been building up to this since Hickman's 2009 run on Fantastic Four. So how many years? 5 years. DC has been planning Convergence no earlier than the New 52. Hey, but we shouldn't judge either. On paper, both of these events sound exactly the same. In fact, it seems like DC is replicating Marvel's original Secret Wars, and Marvel is replicating DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths. But I believe the outcomes will be different. DC's Convergence won't affect DC's New 52 at all, as some fans hoped. But Marvel's Secret Wars will affect all of Marvel over the past 75 years....

Does this mean REBOOT?

this is not fake. this is in the battleworld video
this is not fake. this is in the battleworld video


You suck, Marvel will never reboot.

Umm, no. Marvel will reboot after Secret Wars. They have to. The stakes are way too high. Many universes (all of them?) are going to be included in this event and/or will be used in the months leading up to Secret Wars. Marvel can reboot by replacing some characters with others. This event isn't just every universe. In my opinion, some of these are specific time periods in those universes (proof: Avengers issue 41 February issue has Ultimates #1 as its cover, no lie). In the end Marvel can reboot their universe just by merging all the universes, killing some characters off, leaving one version of each character still alive. Boom. Rebooted universe without blasting the continuity. New Status Quo, same continuity. Will Marvel Reboot After Secret Wars? Only time will tell.


Will Marvel Reboot After Secret Wars?????


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