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Twitter: @AmieBohannon So basically I fangirl, professionally. Also I assure you I am the droid you've been searching for. Milk was a bad ch
Amie Marie Bohannon

Oh I'm sorry, what was that? You are super salty that I covered The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 with Moviepilot? Don't hate the player, hate the "Hunger" game....I'm sorry. I had too!

Patina Miller (Commander Paylor)
Patina Miller (Commander Paylor)

Oh the memories buzzing in my nerdy brain, like that one time Elizabeth Banks stopped on the carpet because we asked her to, and had a touching moment with Jeffery Wright like RIGHT IN FRONT OF US? Or that other time we basically threw pizza at Jennifer Lawrence and she was not mad about it at all? OH, and when we played hard game of "Would You Rather?" with the cast! The star-studded carpet was on fire (literally) and buzzing with excitement as the cast and fans prepared to see the film every one on this planet has been talking about. This was a night to remember, and on the carpet for Hollywood's biggest premiere, the odds were TOTALLY in our favor! Check it out!


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