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Do you like James Franco and Seth Rogen? How about situations where people must survive together in the wilderness? What about nakedness? If you like that last one than you may need to talk to someone.

Anyway, what happens when you mix all three? An amazing celebrity episode of Naked and Afraid! That's right, America's favorite outrageous comedy duo is heading to the wilderness! And with them they'll be bringing—a toilet paper roll and some sunglasses...

But I'll tell you what they're definitely leaving home, their dignity. The two signed up for Naked and Afraid, expecting to be paired with some hot women. But instead, in a totally expected turn of events, got paired with each other. Now the two friends get to survive together while also trying not to stare at each others junk as it just hangs out there.

Though let's be honest, they're friends enough to the point where this is nothing to them.

The comedy pairing will have to survive in the wilderness completely naked, forced to rely on their own survival skills to get food, water and living space. They need to build fires, hunt for food and try desperately not to get bitten in a place you never, EVER want to get bitten in.

The episode will air December 7th on the Discovery Channel. Are you going to watch it? I don't usually watch reality television but I think I'll tune it to this.


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