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The past November 18th was the first week that ABC decided to stop airing their comedy "Selfie". The hilarious show was order for 13 episodes and at that point only 7 had aired. The news of the cancellation started an uproar massively heard on social media .

Realistically I can say that the comedy was doomed to fail since the beginning, but not because it's lack of charm. It has been a though spot lately for ABC, in fact, for every network, and Selfie was sadly destined for an in that time slot.

But well, the problems with ABC programming are not what concerns us now (however they should, because they deliver a non-linear disturbing experience in their Tuesdays).

What matter now is that Selfie was on the road to be a good show, a great show. A show that maybe was just meant to be one season, but that was going to deliver an amazing season with full 22 episodes if allowed to!

But well, there is a silver lining, and it thanks to the internet! At least I think we are getting an ending with their 13 episodes.

As a Thanksgiving miracle Selfie returned to the public via Hulu and ABC on demand, and now in their third online episode Selfie is offering more character growth, charm and elegant comedy than ever before!

Check out my recap for the episode here once I get to scape my daytime job and manage to see and fully embrace all the beautiful charm Selfie has to offer!

If you still want more Selfie and wish to see these characters grow, then check out the hashtag on Twitter and start voicing your opinions there.


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