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UPDATE (11/24): IT'S OFFICIAL! The trailer has been confirmed for thirty U.S. theaters this weekend! Stay tuned for updates as soon as we have them. I have a feeling that we're going to hear more of those 'bigger plans' this week. Here's the full list of theaters!

ORIGINAL STORY: Over the past sixteen hours, Reddit has lit up with separate, and only slightly varying reports of the release date for the trailer of [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158). Yesterday, news broke through the rumor mill that the film's trailer will debut before [The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies](movie:512312) - but according to Slashfilm, Disney has "bigger plans" for the trailer's release.

omg. omg. omg. OMG.
omg. omg. omg. OMG.

One of those plans, according to two separate posts from movie theater managers (or someone who has spoken to one) on Reddit, involve a special and very exclusive look at the trailer. These reports say that the trailer will debut attached to most, if not all films over the course of next weekend, but only in 100 select theaters. According to Redditor KokiriEmerald:

For next weekend only (not sure if it's Fri/Sat/Sun or just Sat/Sun) a 90 second trailer for the new Star Wars will appear before every single showtime for every single movie at 100 theaters nationwide. I don't know exactly which theaters (except for one). Word has it Disney told all theaters getting the trailer that Big Hero 6 had to be the earliest showtime for each day (assuming that the fans will all buy a ticket to the earliest showing possible).

Managers of these theaters were apparently sent an e-mail detailing the release, but none have posted further details.

Will it be the full trailer, though?

Eh, probably not.
Eh, probably not.

My guess is: no. What fans will be treated to, I think, will be a short teaser. The release plan is creative, but not on the grand scale that one would expect a Star Wars 7 trailer to debut. This reminds me of the latest teaser for [Jurassic World](movie:32752), where we see nothing but a shaking glass of water. This teaser could take on that same formula, leading up to the first trailer release during [The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies](movie:512312).



Imagine waking up to go see [Big Hero 6](movie:425271) on Saturday morning, and getting a full-on teaser for [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158). Imagine laughing at the people who came in late because they had to take little Johnny to the bathroom. But most importantly, imagine having no idea that you're about to sit down and watch one of the most anticipated trailers of our generation (and several before). Monumental!


Are you excited for the trailer?


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