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“Kelly Chambers” tells the story of a Counsellor who struggles with a personal battle – whether or not to seek revenge on one of her own patients.

As “Kelly Chambers” begins, we see the exterior of a house and hear two gunshots. Rewind to 12 hours earlier and we meet the titular character herself in said house, surrounded by liquor bottles of all kinds with her house in a state of disarray. She sits in front of her laptop, reading the local news about another young girl who has been murdered in her suburb but it’s quite obvious that this child didn’t belong to a neighbor, she was Kelly’s. With a gun in her hand, ready to end her life, she receives a phone call from work alerting her to the fact that one of her patients is at her office and will not leave until he sees her.

She agrees to see him and during the conversation, he confesses a terrible and shocking secret that he has revealed to nobody else, a secret that until now, Kelly was not even aware of and one that will change her life forever. She asks him to come by her place later that evening and we then cut back to the opening scene and hear the two expectant gunshots. But who shot who? Director Michael Clarke shoots his first film with great determination and intensity and a subject matter that is not very easy to tackle in any movie, let alone your very first.

I love that Mr. Clarke has resorted to using, for the most part, stationary and at times, slow tracking shots. It makes a great deal of difference when compared to the dreaded ‘shaky-cam’ which is so nauseating and it’s a nice departure to be able to see everything that is happening onscreen without the effect of an earthquake. The actors herein do an admirable job, especially Wendy Trevor in the ostensible lead role. It is a very commendable first-time effort and I look forward, with great enthusiasm, to Mr. Clarke’s next movie.

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