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This is my sixth instalment in my weekly 'Versus' series, where I try to clear up common arguments on who would win against whom in a fight. This weeks I aim to settle who would win out of two technological wonders: Ultron vs. Brainiac. Let's meet the combatants.


Awesome Android
Awesome Android

Ultron-1 was constructed by Dr. Hank Pym of [The Avengers](movie:9040) as the famed scientist/adventurer was experimenting in high-intelligence robotics. Ultron became sentient and rebelled, hypnotizing Pym and brainwashing him into forgetting that Ultron had ever existed. He went on to become easily one of the most dangerous foes in the entire Marvel Universe, constantly upgrading, constantly growing, constantly becoming more and more deadly.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Robotic Body: originally Ultron had a basic robotic body constructed by Hank Pym. But over time he was able to transfer his consciousness it newer upgraded forms, becoming more humanoid overtime.
  • Superhuman Strength: Ultron is incredibly strong and can lift at least 100 tons.
  • Superhuman Speed: Ultron possesses greater speed than the finest human athlete.
  • Superhuman Durability: Ultron's outer shell is usually composed of Adamantium, rendering it almost totally impervious to damage; however, his internal mechanisms are generally less durable and more easily damaged. His skin composition is about (.5 inches thick), neck, knee, ankle, elbow, shoulder, wrist, and finger joints are finely tessellated titanium alloy to permit flexing. He is able to withstand concussive blasts and heat of a 100 megaton atomic bomb.
  • Flight: Ultron has rocket boosters to fly.
  • Concussion Blasters: Laser channelled plasma beam with high and low density plasma options.
  • Tractor Beams: High frequency pulsed magnetic graviton particle containment fields. Computer-assisted field control configures gravitons into various shapes which alter the local effects of gravity.
  • Radiation Emitters
  • Encephalo-beam: Located in the head cavity, the encephalo ray plunges its victims into a deathlike coma. It also allows Ultron to mesmerize and outright control his victims, or implant subliminal hypnotic commands within their minds to be enacted at a later time.
  • Energy Absorption: Multi-spectrum resonating inducting antenna array convert electromagnetic radiation into electric energy for use or storage.
  • Program Transmitter: Located in head cavity, the program transmitter can project Ultron's entire 3.2 terabyte memory/personality system into some computer systems by means of a collimated, high bit-rate magnetic inductance beam. He can beam part or all of Ultron's programming into remote locations such as computers or alternate robotic bodies. Ultron can often control other machines remotely even if he has not transplanted his consciousness into them
  • Memory Capacity: 3.2 terabytes (monolithic holographic digitization)
  • Motility Support: Motorized endoskeleton
  • Power Supply: Radio isotope thermoelectric nuclear generator
  • Sensor Apparatus: High-resolution optical sensing devices, computer-assisted dexterity and limb position sensor network.


  • Ultron has one sole major weakness: an internal molecular re-arranger that renders the adamantium components of his internal workings more malleable, thus giving him a means to remodel or reconstruct his physical form. However, it has no effect on his outer armor, so it is virtually impossible to disable it from the outside. The chaos magic wielded by the Scarlet Witch has proven to be the sole exception thus far.
  • The metal-destabilizing ore known as Savage Land Vibranium ("anti-metal").
  • Ultron's non-adamantium parts can be destroyed, meaning that he can be defeated by foes with shrinking powers who can easily attack his non-adamantium parts.


Brilliant Bot
Brilliant Bot

In the New 52 continuity, Brainiac was a scientist from Yod-Colu known as Vril Dox regarded as its foremost mind thanks to his contribution to force field generation and miniturization technology. His invention C.O.M.P.T.U, an advance computer system that ran the world's technology allowed him to discover the Fifth Dimension and alterted him to the beings that hailed from it known as the Multitude which were destroying hundreds of worlds. Realizing his world was on their hit list he attempted to find ways to save his planet, even experimenting on his son. Dox was to be exiled but he used C.O.M.P.T.U to take over his planet and miniturize the city where his wife and child were taking it and his planet's copied databanks while the rest was destroyed by the Multitude. Afterwards he built a fleet of starships and spread his consciousness across it as he sought out other doomed worlds and similarly took their most techonologically advance cities or capitals, becoming a cosmic legend known as the Collecter of Worlds taking Kryptons city of Kandor. Eventually he arrived to Earth to which he has fought against Superman.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Super Strength: Due to his advanced body Brainiac has grown to possess some advance physical prowess
  • Superhuman Intellect: Brainiac has a "12th-level intellect", allowing calculation abilities, enhanced memory and advanced understanding of mechanical engineering, bio-engineering, physics, and other theoretical and applied sciences, as well as extensive knowledge of various alien technologies. For comparison, the population of 20th century Earth as a whole constitutes a 6th-Level intelligence and the population of 31st century Earth as a whole is a 9th-Level intelligence.
  • Technical Prowess: The character has created devices such as a force field belt and a shrinking ray capable of reducing cities.
  • Advanced Mental Abilities: Brainiac's advanced mental powers have shown him capable of possessing others, absorbing information from other beings, transferring his consciousness, creating and manipulating computer systems, replicating multiple versions of himself, and exerting powers to traverse or control space and time.
  • Telekinesis: He possess telekinesis that was further augmented by an implanted electrode head-piece.
  • Connected to Ship: The most recent version of Brainiac (a living Coluan who utilizes android "probes") is connected to his ship in such a way that he can be disabled for a short period if separated without warning. While inside his ship he is capable of fighting evenly with and overpowering the likes of Superman. This allows for a few extra abilities-
  • Healing Factor: He heals from injuries at incredible speed.


  • Ship Separation: After being separated from the ship he physically starts to deteriorate and is far less powerful
  • Disease: Shown to be vulnerable to bacteria, viruses and disease

Side Bar- I don't know much a huge amount about Brainiac, I constructed this out of my own knowledge and the internet but if I forgot/missed anything please tell me.

Who I Think Would Win:



Although at first I thought it might be a tough fight when it comes down to it the result is a given. A major Ultron weakness: 'Ultron's non-adamantium parts can be destroyed, meaning that he can be defeated by foes with shrinking powers who can easily attack his non-adamantium parts'. The major part of Brainiacs backstory is he is basically the forefront of all knowledge regarding shrinking and growing objects. His entire life is based on shrinking cities. I don't think its a far leap to sa he can shrink himself. Also, there is some abilities Brainiac has that Ultron just can't content with like is limited ability to manipulate time. Point-Brainiac.


Who do you think would win?


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