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I'm in ma mid 20's and well lets just say ma world is just pretty much weird and amazing dats if ur able 2 get into ma mind and explore it
Tochukwu Marcellinus Chima

Ohk ohk I know it might look all silly and sound awkward, people I totally get it but don't you think we have seen enough of our loving adamantium animal "THE WOLVERINE" c'mon!!! loving fans out there we should give "HUGH JACKMAN" a time off! in the caribbeans! and lets see "HALLEBERRY" shine in her own Origin after all "ORORO MUNROE" which is her African name goes way back like THE WOLVERINE with "THE X-MEN". We have seen the shredding,clawing,cutting,healing etc. How about some wind,gust,tornadoes,blizzards,thunder,lightining,wrath of gods,portals,sandstorms and all of dat. I really do think "STORM" should have her own origin its not gonna be fair if its just all about "WOLVERINE" its almost as if everything revolves round him maybe we should ask our loving mutant hero whats his view on this I'm pretty sure his gonna agree and "STORM" should start suiting up cause it aint yet over with the X-MEN!!!.


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