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Stanley Kubrick is without a doubt one of the famous, influential, and best directors in all of cinema. His name shall never be forgotten as he has directed some of the best films we'll ever see.

Admittedly I have not seen all of his films such as Lolita, The Killing, Barry Lyndon, and a couple more. However, what I did see were The Shining, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Spartacus, Dr. Strangelove, and my personal favorite, Full Metal Jacket. The film Full Metal Jacket is one of my favorite war movies and one of my favorite movies in general.The films that I have seen from him are truly breathtaking, from the story, to the characters, to the cinematography, Stanley Kubrick is a legend and his work is still being lived on today.

The last film Kubrick finished was Eyes Wide Shut, (which is a film I need to see) and several months before it's release in theaters, Kubrick passed away from a heart attack. With his passing, we would never see films of his style ever again, or so we thought.

Spielberg and Kubrick
Spielberg and Kubrick

Before his passing Kubrick met a young Steven Spielberg and throughout the years the two grew to respect each other and became good friends. Now in the 80's and 90's Kubrick had a script for another film called A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Apparently Kubrick and Spielberg would have long conversations on the phone discussing about the film and how Kubrick admitted that this ilm was more towards Spielberg's alley. With Kubrick's passing, Spielberg decided to honor his friend by making A.I. Artificial Intelligence, using his script, his concept arts and many more.

The film succeeded box office wise, but it earned mixed reviews from the critics and the fans. Although I personally enjoyed, I can see why people didn't like it. The film is based on a short story called Super-Toys Last All Summer Long, written by Brian Aldiss who helped Kubrick on the original script. To those who don't know it's about an A.I. who is a kid and has developed emotions and wishes to be loved, but the only way he could be loved is if he is a "real boy." Very similar to Pinochio but I still enjoyed the film, but one of the things that questions everyone's mind is, how it would've been if Kubrick directed it? I still think Spielberg did a great job but one does wonder what would happen if Kubrick took the helm on this film. In my opinion, Kubrick was part of this film as Spielberg tries to follow the cinematography that Kubrick did and what is probably the most heart warming end credits, the last line says, "For Stanley Kubrick."

That is the last script we have seen of Stanley Kubrick's we have seen on screen, but not anymore. After his success with 2001: A Space Odyssey, Kubrick wrote a script for a Napoleon Bonaparte movie titled: Napoleon. This was supposed to be an epic film, he did two years of research on the French Emperor and was going to use a screenplay he wrote a while back. The film was ready for pre-production until MGM cancelled it because of the cost of the film.

Napoleon Bonaparte crowing himself Emperor
Napoleon Bonaparte crowing himself Emperor

In 2011 there was a book published titled: Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon: The Greatest Movie Never Made. It is a collection of all the research Kubrick had including screenplay and references as well. With all the great films Kubrick wrote and directed, Napoleon would seem to be his magnum opus, and that's saying a lot because all of his films are amazing. Well we will soon see this work come to life by Steven Spielberg, who will direct a mini-series on HBO, based on Kubrick's script. It only seems fitting to finish what was already started and who better than Steven Spielberg.

So even after his death, Kubrick's scripts are still going to be seen by the world, as it should be. With all his great films it's hard to pick one, but I stand on Full Metal Jacket as it truly captures the hell that is Marine Corp Basic Training and captures the emotion that the soldiers felt during a war they didn't understand. With a peace sign pin and a helmet labeled Born to Kill we see that these men didn't want to fight or if they wanted to fight, they fought for peace.

That's why I love that film and it was the first film I saw from Kubrick and why I will never forget the film and Kubrick. A type of director we will not see for a long time.

"For Stanley Kubrick."


Which is your favorite Kubrick film?


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