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Now if you didn't read the book or just read to the end of Part 1, when you decide to watch this it's obvious that you are gonna get angry. There are so many feels in this movie that I cannot explain. But I will.

But if you did read the entire book, shut up. And if you never have (thus meaning the entire series of books) you are screwed.

The Good Feels

Now of course in this book their are so many feelings, they are considered spoilers because I'm explaining most of it.

After District 12 is destroyed, they take Katniss there to get over her rage, pain, and so on. While she's there she goes to the victor's village. And her house is still standing, not even a crack. She goes inside and finds her father's jacket. Now this is sad/good feels because for one her father is dead but she takes the jacket in memory of her father. She then finds Buttercup climbing into the house through a window. She takes her hunting bag and stuffs the cat in there. Later on she sneaks the cat to Prim in their living quarters. Now why is this all a good feel because she hates the cat but loves Prim. She saved a freaking cat so her sister could be happy.

And of course we can't forget that time in the book that she decided to sing, again. And from portraying the song from book to actually song worked. Literally the perfect tune. I can't stop listening to it.

Now I want to say the rest of the movie goes like this. But sadly it doesn't.

Now the Bad Ones

Spoiler ahead!

Roses. Snow and those freaking roses. Remember the white rose that Snow gave to her. Well when she does go back to her house, like explained earlier, she finds a perfectly fresh white rose in the middle of a vase of dead flowers. Later on when they are attacked at District 13, afterwards they try to make another promo to send to the other Districts. But what they find in the rubble of the half destroyed base is white roses. Not one but many. Hundreds of white roses lying on the rubble. Katniss then recalled this sing from Snow that he planning to kill Peeta.

Now that one made me so mad when I watched that scene. But here's one spoiler you are definitely not going to like.

So here is one feel that you want to literally kill but I'll explain first. Everyone knows that the Capitol has Peeta. The President of District 13 decides to have the victors that were captured rescued, Peeta, Johanna, and Annie (Finnick's girlfriend). After they are rescued Katniss sees Peeta in the medical bay. Once they come face-to-face Peeta strangles her. She doesn't die, da. Later on it was explained that the Capitol tortured Peeta. They tortured him so much that it changed his way of thinking. He loved Katniss and then the Capitol got into his head and he now hates Katniss. For those that know this from the book and question why I mention it because it's in Part 2, well it's in the movie.

Now if that isn't good enough I don't know what is. There are plenty of other scenes that got me but this one is going hit every fan in the head like a bullet (even if they already know it's going to happen.)


So what do you think your feels will be?


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