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Zombie Apocalypse for the Everyday Survivor.

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# Basics
# The Zombie
# Basic Survival

# Prep Level Necessary
# Survival Kit
# Plan
# Defense

# Prep Level Enthusiasts
# Supplies and Weapons
# Defense
# Offense

# Rules to survive by

# ZA The First 3 Months
# Plan Basics
# Supplies

# ZA Year 1
# Establishing Yourself
# Searching for Survivors

# ZA Years 2-3
# Defense! Defense! Defense!
# Expand your Boundaries and Network

# ZA Years 3-5
# Conquer the Walker
# Can't Prepare You For What's Next

# The Apocalypse Binder

Throughout this guide you will find the following symbol
“ <~> “
When you happen upon this symbol (for those of you who want the full effect of this guide), make note of this section and print out any information on this for your Apocalypse Binder.

The Apocalypse Binder is a recommended collection of information that may become very useful in your survival. The Apocalypse Binder has its own section at the end of this guide.

Rick's Rules of Survival
1. Never go out without a buddy.
2. Always have a back-up plan to your back-up plan.
3. Think before you act. Instinct will get you killed, logic will keep you alive.
4. When dealing with survivors always watch their eyes and hand gestures.
5. When parking your vehicle always park pointing the direction in which you plan to leave.
6. When killing a zombie use a melee weapon first, than a silenced firearm.
7. It only takes one bullet to destroy a zombie’s brain.
8. Keep entertained.
9. Check your perimeter twice
10. Be Creative!
11. Always ask yourself, "How can this go wrong?"

The Basics

The Zombie

There have been many types of "Zombie" portrayed in all forms of media. Some are problem solvers, some have super human strength, and some are just stupid and slow. The most logical type of undead are the stupid and slow. This version of undead would be virus induced, non-cognitive, and instinct driven. A Zombie has only 1 main drive... Hunger! Though unlike "The Walking Dead" not everyone is infected. That is illogical and too fantastical. You would only become infected through a bite or fluid transfer of some sorts.

The virus induced Zombie would be declared "legally dead" save for a small portion, of the brain, that would perform basic motor function. Imagine a virus that attacks the brain shutting down and damaging, beyond repair, major bodily functions. There would be organ and tissue failure, hemorrhaging, coagulation of the blood, and only Hunger will remain. The basic synapses of your brain that would send signals to your muscles would stay intact. This is why the zombie must be “killed” by destroying the brain, thus destroying the habitat this virus had claimed as its home.

This Undead monster has nothing left of the person it once was. It has no higher functions. Its only desire is to satisfy its unending hunger for flesh. It still retains its basic senses in order to aid it in its hunt for flesh. Its strength, hearing, sight, and smell are the same as when this monster was alive. Though, due its undead nature, its tissue, bones, and muscle are slowly deteriorating at the same rate as a decomposing corpse. Depending on what climate the zombie resides, is what determines the rate of decay.

Basic Survival
Knowing basic survival skills will no doubt be the factor that determines your survival in the beginning of this horrid epidemic. <~> How to build and start a fire, what wild plants and berries are OK to eat, and how to find food and water are only some of the essential skills needed to survive your rough new world. <~> I will not go into detail here but everyone should pick up a copy of a basic wilderness survival book, or a Boy Scout Handbook (don't knock it, it may save your life.) <~> learn some knots, how to fish, what to forage, how to hot wire most vehicles, and how to use basic weapons of all types.

Prep Level - Necessary

Survival Kit

Immediately everyone goes for extreme fire power as your weapon of choice. Good luck wasting your bullets and creating way too much noise.

Your basic Survival Kit should contain the following:
-Non-perishable Food
-Flashlight or torch
-Matches or refillable lighter
-Map of your immediate area
-Strong basic knife
-Hand saw
-Hatchet or Axe
-Hunting Rifle with scope and extra Ammo
-Handgun with silencer and extra Ammo
-A pack that is easy to carry and Comfortable
-Roll of Twine
-Small Tarp
-Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide

Deeper explanation on the items in your kit:
-Non-Perishable Food: Most people think tons of canned food. Canned food is a great source but it tends to be quite heavy the more you carry. A weeks worth or canned food can weigh quite a lot. Dehydrated meats, fruits, and vegetables as well as MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat, can be found by the box at most Military Surplus outlets) are the most ideal forms of Non-perishable sustenance. Please leave your ketchup and mustard at home and out of your kit. It is unnecessary and will take up space for other more important items.
-Water: Gallons of water may become very heavy and cumbersome to haul around, especially after realizing that you need water not just for drinking but for cleaning. Have on hand a way to sanitize and filter sources of water you have found. This could be anything from coffee filters, portable charcoal filters, and/or sanitation tablets.
-Flashlight or Torch: Having a flashlight will help illuminate your surroundings. Your light source should be used sparingly to limit the use of your dwindling resources and to keep the undead from being attracted to your light. Always have extra Batteries or fuel for any flashlight, lamp, or torch you have.
-Matches or Refillable Lighter: The ability to produce fire is a necessity of any survivor. The flame cooks our food, sterilizes our equipment, sanitizes our water, keeps us warm, and illuminates our surroundings. Having a refillable lighter or matches, on you, will help you meet this need. Fuel and matches may become a dwindling resource, for some, so always have a means to create the precious flame. Flint and steel, steel wool and a battery, magnifying glass, or 2 sticks should be kept around as an alternative source to create fire.
-Map of your Immediate Area: I don’t care if you have lived in your area for 20 + years, you have not seen everything. A map will help you plan alternate routes, to escape, or for resources. Having a plan, versus just guessing and hoping, may save your life and the lives of others. <~> A map with every street, as well as elevation, and the location of bodies of water, are ideal! Always have more than one map in case one gets lost, torn, wet, etc.
-Strong Basic Knife: The Knife can be used for many things, and you will need a strong one. You don’t want a knife that will snap, when it comes in contact with the bone, of the skull, on a zombie. Your knife should be easy to handle and not bulky. It should also be at the least 5 inches in blade length. Keep it sharp and clean and always carry your wet stone.
-Crowbar: The importance of this item cannot be stressed enough. A crowbar can be used as a melee weapon against a zombie, to pry opens a locked or jammed door on a building or vehicle, and to help move debris. The sheer blunt force and weight, of a well made crowbar, can be used to bash in the skull, of an assailant, and the bladed edge is just sharp enough to pierce the brain when aimed at an eye socket. You don’t want to be on the run and stuck due to a jammed doorway or bulky debris. This is one of my personal favorites, of melee, zombie dispatching, weapons.
-Handsaw: This Item is needed to cut any lumber or branches you may need. Trying to reinforce your dwelling and have no power for your expensive power tools can be detrimental. What are you going to do? This item is also helpful in severing a limb quickly to halt the spread of a zombie’s bite!
-Hatchet or Axe: These can be used as a melee weapon or as they are originally made. Firewood will keep you warm at night but how will you cut it? An axe or hatchet is an ideal weapon for silently destroying the brain of the undead, and the weight and wedge shape, of the head, will split a skull, with less effort, than using a blunt object.
-Hunting Rifle with scope and extra ammo: When dispatching the undead with a firearm, it only takes 1 bullet. Many forms of media will show the undead being killed by a spray of bullets from a gun with unlimited ammo. (I.e. Hershel’s Shotgun lol) This is not ideal or a reality. A carefully aimed shot will kill the zombie, with the use of 1 bullet only, thus conserving your ammo. In most cases the familiar quote from the Civil War, “Do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes” is a great rule of thumb in the apocalypse. Of course be smart, if they get too close, there will be the chance of the zombie possibly reaching you. But always remember to conserve your ammo. Remington won’t be manufacturing more for you to purchase.
-Handgun with silencer and extra ammo: At close range this weapon is the most effective weapon to choose. At close range! Do not attempt to waste your ammo at a 100 yard shot from your sidearm. You will only attract attention and waste ammo. The silencer is Key! Silencers can be made from household objects such as a metal tube, cardboard, and cotton balls. <~> For instructions on how to make your own homemade silencer check the internet or YouTube. P.S. car oil filters can be great silencers as well.
-A Pack that is Easy to Carry and Comfortable: Comfortable is the word I will most stress here! If it’s itchy or cumbersome you won’t want to wear it and readjusting it, at the wrong time may lead to disaster. Your pack should be able to easily fit your belongings. It should not have tassels, or anything else hanging from it, that may either cause noise, or give a zombie something to grab hold of. A military Grade or hiking pack is the most ideal.
-Roll of Twine: Twine can be used to string a trap for game or a booby trap for an enemy zombie or human. I can be used to bind equipment or a person. It can also be used to hang a tent, or lash some branches. Don’t be caught without a way to string something up.
-Small Tarp: The Tarp can be used as a water collection device or even as a temporary shelter. Or keeping your gear clean and dry when necessary.
-Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide: This one piece of literature, above all others, gives the most logical ideas and strategies for surviving and living in the world of the undead. Pick one up on or from your local bookstore. <~> I got mine as an e-book and printed it out into my apocalypse binder.

Having a plan, and a back-up plan, are the only ways to ensure survival.
You need to make a set of rules to make decisions by. Your plan should include locales in which to obtain certain supplies or means of shelter. A route and 2 other backup routes should be factored in every outing.
Your basic plan should include at least 2 places of safe haven, which you plan to run to when the dead start to rise. Have a few backup places to flee, for your plan "A", may be overrun or already occupied. Have a few routes planned as well. You don't want to be stuck at a blocked road with no idea where to go next. Anytime you venture into a situation blindly your likelihood of surviving drops.
What items from your home will you bring? I for one am the type to leave unnecessary items such as photo albums and memorabilia at home. I cannot rightly tell you that stuff isn't important, but while packing keep in mind a few factors; such as space, weight, and time. Do not fill your space with so much of your personal belongings, which you run out of room for the necessities, like food, or weapons, or blankets. Do not weigh down your vehicle with so much that your vehicle, or pack mule, breaks. Do not waste time deciding what is needed and what isn’t. In the apocalypse time will not be on your side.
While you are traveling to your destination of choice, be on the lookout for anything you may need later, especially food stores and construction materials. These items will be needed in the future.

When you arrive at your spot that you will call home for the next few months to few years, your first concern should be defense, and the best defense is having a plan! Always have 2 backup shelters and alternate routes planned, in case of the need to GTFO (Get The Fuck Out). Your defense should not only be from the zombie but other humans as well. Yes my main point for the apocalypse is having People, but at the beginning of this crisis, people are almost more dangerous than the undead. When frightened desperate people get together, things get dangerous. Board Up windows, reinforce doors, and set up alarms and booby traps.
Board up any windows you can, but always leave a means of visibility, whether that's a peep-hole, or elevated vantage point. You want to be able to see any danger before stepping into it. Also be sure to light proof any cracks and seams. This can be done by simply hanging a thick blanket or curtain.
Reinforce any doors or even walls. You don't want to be overrun with no exit and have a group of 20 zombies crashing through your door, due to their sheer weight alone. This can be done by cutting various lengths of lumber and propping the lumber against every doorway. Also by using lengths of chain or wire to tie the door closed, to ensure nothing can break in.
Setting up alarms and booby traps can be done in many ways, from stringing up noisemakers, to alert of anything in your proximity, to posting lookouts. Have fun and be imaginative with your booby traps, and try to stay away from traps involving fire. What happens if your plan backfires and your shelter has been set ablaze? There is no fire dept. to call anymore.
Always think of how this can go wrong before doing anything.
Be smart and think before you act and you may just survive this.

Prep Level - Enthusiast

Supplies and Weapons
This guide is mainly for the everyday person, not the enthusiast.
Any other weapons or supplies would be great to have, but may be burdensome to acquire pre-apocalypse.

These items may or may not include:
-Automatic weapons and extra ammo
-Pallets of food and water
-High end medical supplies
-Military vehicles
-Military grade survival supplies
-Generators with plenty of extra fuel.
-Solar panels and alternators.
-Stores of construction materials
Again not everyone is going to have these items. Most survivors will be like me.... poor.

In the perfect world of the enthusiast, you should already have a fallout shelter or complex with high concrete walls and fences. To be honest if you are an enthusiast and other people know this and the stuff and thangs you have, you may be a target for rioters, when the shit officially hits the fan. For in the beginning of the outbreak the living and desperate are far more dangerous than the Walking Dead. No matter how much fire power you have, people will want what you have.
My suggestion is to bury your supplies. 1/4 here, a 1/4 there etc. Good luck and do not become too proud and sure of yourself. If you do, you have already shown weakness, for anything may happen, and if you're caught off guard, I may be dispatching your undead corpse soon enough.

Learning to properly dispatch the undead is very important. As most of you know, you must destroy the brain. Now the skull is a very strong bone! Don't be surprised when the skull doesn't just bash in or a knife doesn't just slide in. This is going to be one of the most dangerous realizations for a survivor. It takes a lot of force and a sharp instrument to pierce the natural cranial helmet.
When conquering the undead foe in your path, you can try many methods of destroying them. Sometimes the best way is to immobilize your target first. This way the undead will be slower in its quest to tear the flesh, from your bones.
When confronted by larger groups, of ghouls, always have a way out, to run! Do not let yourself get trapped and cornered. Find a choke point and tackle them one at a time. Of course this may never be an available means of eradicating the zombie threat. Always be smart and don't feel ashamed about just running. The zombie is slower than you, and you are smarter than your pursuer.
You should always attack the undead with a group. Never solo.

ZA - The First 3 Months

Basic Plan
In the first 3 months of the invasion of the dead, is the time in which over 80% of the living expire. Don't be a statistic. The best plan is to hide and fortify. Make sure you have enough food and water to last this frightening time, and it will be frightening. This new world will have no room for the squeamish and weak of heart.
Your biggest enemies of this time will be the overwhelming flood of the living dead, the desperate living, and boredom.
The dead will be freshest and strongest at this point. Wherever you have decided to wait this period out should be as light-proof and soundproof as you can make it. These fresh zombies will have minor tissue deterioration and still have most of its strength left from it's previous life. The zombie should deteriorate in the same way a corpse would. First the flesh would start to rot and flies would lay eggs in its orifices producing maggots. Maggots will be a huge factor in the deterioration process of the undead assailant, the more the maggot eats, the less tissue the zombie will have. Thus making the creature easier to dispatch. Try and stay inside your hovel as much as possible. You don't want to attract any unnecessary attention from a group of zombies or other survivors.
When barricading your shelter try not to use tools that may produce large amounts of noise. Heavy blankets, newspaper, duct tape, lumber, and furnishings can be used, all together, to fortify your shelter, of choice. Heavy blankets and newspaper can be hung around windows with tacks and tape to keep light out. Lumber can be used to fortify any stress points and openings. Do not use hammer and nail. This causes too much noise and will attract the undead and the living. Use screws and a screw driver. Screws are a stronger bond than nails, but driving these in by hand without power tools can be tough. Cut the available lumber with a hand saw to the best of your ability. Not everyone is a carpenter but simple rules, such as measure twice and cut once, should be applied, and always be careful! You don't want to cut yourself and risk infection. You can use any furnishings that won't be needed to barricade entrances you will not be using. You won't be needing your TV, computer, dishwasher, laundry machines, etc. They should all be regarded as only large items to use as a barricade.
The living will be a formidable threat to your well being. The living will have nowhere else to go. They will be hungry. They will be thirsty. They will want and need everything that you have, and THEY WILL KILL YOU FOR IT! Desperate people are dangerous, and the good ones are hard to find.
Sitting idle can ruin the nerves of most people. When someone is idle they tend to over think, and they get anxious. It's best to keep busy. Reading is a great way to pass time enjoyably and quietly. Mix up a quiet routine. Stay fit, read, write, observe, and think. Get a good grasp of the immediate world around you.
Only leave if necessary. You should ration food to keep the need to leave, to as little as possible. When you do leave be sure to bring a buddy and have a plan. When approaching a building walk the perimeter twice to make note of all entrances and exits. Dispatch any zombies then grab what you need and go, and remember, a can of peas is not worth your life. If it's slowing you down and you need to run, just leave it.
Be careful out there survivors. This is the most dangerous time of the apocalypse.

After and during this 3 month period your supplies will most likely have completely diminished. It's good to make sure you have a steady supply of food, water, first aid supplies, and weapons. If this means rationing then do so. Try and keep a way of collecting rainwater. If you're in a building then reroute the gutters, to bring the water to a collection container.
If you have to leave for supplies also gather anything that may be useful. Garden hoses and spare wires make great ropes. Some scraps of wood will help you in barricading your shelter. Extra can openers for when yours dulls. Sturdy kitchen knives are a great asset when you have nothing else. Medicine from a first aid kit or medicine cabinet. Take anything you can and everything you can you never know what you might need.

ZA - Year 1

That first year...
Hopefully by now you have ventured outside of your comfort zone surveying your area and taking an account of where most of the undead are dwelling.
Get a good grasp on what you have at your disposal.

Establishing Yourself
At this time a serious plan must be made. You have survived what next?
Your defenses should be upgraded. The zombie problem should be in the planning. Gathering and scavenging for supplies, for survival and living are a must, and always stay clear headed and smart. Stupid and impulsive will get you and others killed.
Defending you shelter or finding a new one should be a top priority. Always protect what you have. If you are currently in an area with a dense population, of the undead, GET OUT! Nothing good will become of staying. Find a rural or secluded area. Such as, a farmhouse, warehouse, cabin in the woods, building in a small town, or a police station in a small town. Anything other than an urban environment would fare better. Let the dead have their city. To fight for it, will only end badly for you.
Once you have found your shelter to claim as your home, immediately conceive a backup plan or 4. Have a plan to bug out if needed, with more than 3 backup places in mind, in case the first ones are too overrun. Then start defending and maintaining your shelter.
Make sure you have a fence, barrier, or wall. If you don't, then make one. A wall can be easily constructed using any semi-trailers, large vehicles, nearby fencing that you can take, large appliances, dumpsters, construction materials from a nearby site or store, and rocks and debris. Semi trailers can be parked and have their tires removed so that they cannot be moved again, thus creating a good, strong wall or barrier. Doing the same with abandoned cars and other vehicles is great, and if you can get a hold of a crane or lift, these vehicles can be stacked, offering enhanced protection. To fill in the gaps of your wall after you have a rough structure laid out, use nearby fencing. Is there a yard or school that has a fence already? Take it! Wire cutters can be used to cut the metal fasteners, which hold the fencing to the anchor poles. While one person clips the fasteners, have one person roll the fencing up as you go, and another person to be on lookout. Any dumpsters or large appliances; such as a refrigerator, laundry machine, dishwasher, etc. can be used to fill in gaps of your wall, or just as weight to support a chunk of your perimeter. Construction materials will be great to use to reinforce your walls. Cement ready mix, lumber, concrete blocks, and metal sheeting will be very valuable in reinforcing your area. As well as, large rocks and debris. These can be used as filler and covered in concrete mix.
How will you deal with the undead?
Destroy and Discharge,
Draw and Demolish,
Distract and Detour.

These Rules of dealing with the dead are proven for your survival.
Destroy and Discharge the undead on your walls! Do not let the zombies just accumulate along your perimeter. Defeat them and be rid of the bodies. The bodies, of the undead, are decomposing corpses and carry unfathomable diseases. Thus you do not want a disease filled corpse just festering outside of your gates. Destroy the undead by any safe means necessary. For instance sitting on top of your fence or barrier and simply piking the undead beneath you, is one of the best ways to safely disarm your foe permanently. Do not think that even this action will keep you from harm’s way, a ghoul may grab your pike and pull it down upon itself. Just simply let it go, and have more on standby. After the zombies have been destroyed, disinfect your barrier from these infected carriers of filth by any means, whether that is burning them, burying them, or simply hauling them away. Keep in mind that burning the undead is the most effective way to be rid of the corpses, but keep in mind the amount of fuel, for precious fire, it would waste to burn the corpses
Draw and Demolish any undead within your area. Try setting up a rather noisy trap. The ghouls are attracted to anything that makes sound in their hopeless, unsatisfied need for flesh. Try digging a large trench, around a noise maker, of some kind, and then eradicating those foolish and gullible monsters. The fight against the dead will never end, and your chances of survival and taking the world back, to the side of the living, increases with every Zombie that is Demolished. Be smart and become the exterminator.
Distract and Detour! You may be faced with a horrible compulsion, which zombies tend to favor…. the migration of a herd! Zombies will tend to follow one another, not for the sake of companionship, but of the need for their only desire, hunger. If one zombie wanders off, another zombie may see this zombie as 'in pursuit of a meal.' This compulsion has an infectious effect on other members of the dead whom would take notice. As this effect snowballs, a herd of the undead will be on the move! Early Detection of a herd will help save your life and the lives of the people under your wing. When a herd is detected you must be ready immediately. You have only a small amount of time to determine if you’re ready to tackle this herd or deter them away from your complex. A noise, light, or large distraction is needed to get the attention of the entire herd. The best way to gather the attention of the undead is through noise. Some of the best items that will carry a loud noise, are brass musical instruments. For the sake of nostalgia and cliché, grab a bugle to alert the undead! Have a group of at least 2 quick and quiet survivors grab a nearby horse, car, bike, etc. and sound the bugle as loudly as they can away from your shelter. Keep ahead of the herd and lure them towards a large geographical precarious environment, such as a large body of water, cliff, mountain range, etc. hopefully to that end of “killing two birds with one stone”. Always be vigilant and logical in your Dispatching of the undead. The survivors tasked with luring the dead should then shake the herd and report to home base.
A steady stock of supplies is a must to survive. Food, water, clothing, and medicine are essential items, and a steady stream of these necessities will ensure it! As you now must know, there is no one left manufacturing canned goods, and any other food sources, you have been living off of. Other forms of nourishment must be obtained and maintained. Seeds for growing crops and orchards should be acquired. These can still be found, at a local store, in those paper envelopes, freeze dried and ready to be planted. Most likely these items were not pilfered when this whole mess began. A good clean source of water should be maintained if you have any hopes of survival. Hopefully your encampment and area includes a stream of some sorts, BUT that’s a perfect world, in reality you may be rather far from any renewable body of water. In this instance you should, either start digging for an underground well, or get crafty with tarps and collect as much rainwater as possible. However you find your water, it will need to be cleaned and filtered. A filter will need to be constructed, which can be done using many different objects and materials you have laying around. <~> I will not go into full detail on this except that you can use a plastic drum, sand, gravel, and charcoal that have not been treated with a flammable fuel. Clothing may be scarce but can be acquired at a store or at an abandoned home. Armor from the infectious bite of the undead can be crafted from many different materials, such as; tires, malleable metals i.e. street signs or license plates, plastic containers, or just by simply modifying sports equipment. Medicine will be needed to fight off normal everyday ailments in which we take for granted. How ready and effective will you be fighting off a score of the undead while you have a horrible cold or headache. Aspirin may be able to give you that edge, you need, to keep your wits about. Remember to raid pharmacies and medicine cabinets. Also an abandoned purse may have some cold medicine or some pain relievers.
Though surviving may not be enough. You will want to return to some semblance of what the world once was. BEFORE YOU VENTURE TOO FAR INTO THIS SECTION…. keep in mind that these items and luxuries are just that… luxuries. Keep on the look-out for solar panels, books and magazines, board games, and other luxury items. Keeping entertained will heavily boost your morale and the morale of the rest of your group. Solar panels will bring you power for cooking, sanitation, and other things that require power. Now you can't just plug in a solar panel and it automatically charges your iPad. <~> You must have a basic knowledge and understanding of the separate components involved in harnessing the sun’s energy and converting it into useable power. Books, magazines, board games, and other forms of media will help pass the time in your new world, also boosting morale! Other luxury items include Coffee, condiments, a pillow, paper towels, notebooks, and basically anything that would help ease the stress of this world. These things we take for granted even now, but these menial items will help you “live” again.
Good Luck in your first year and be careful.

Searching for Survivors
People are needed to help each other thrive and survive. Don’t think you are going to re-conquer the world all by yourself. Loneliness will make you go crazy, and the more hands you have, the easier certain tasks will become. Some of these survivors may be dangerous and should be dealt with cautiously.
In all honesty there is nothing I can tell you in this guide that will be a sure fire way of approaching or confronting or survivors. The only thing I can state is that one’s eye movements and hand movements can tell a lot about a person’s intent. Be careful and never divulge any information about yourself, others, or your encampment, to anyone, until necessary.

ZA - Year 1-3

Defense! Defense! Defense!
You have now survived your first year in this strange new world! Your first order of business should be to further strengthen your encampment and outfit other backup encampments. Your main camp should have the walls already barricaded, but if not, try and do so immediately.
Are your walls high enough? Do you have any weak spots in your walls or fence? Do you have an elevated vantage point? How well would your walls stand up, to full herd bearing down upon it? These questions should be always on your mind when planning and reinforcing your boundaries.
The height of your walls should be higher than 20 feet, and this is so that any survivors would have a hard time scaling them, and incoming zombies whom may pile on one another cannot breach the barrier from over the top. Your existing wall may look like it was fabricated from a bad steam punk junk yard! It may be time for a ‘face’ lift. The outside of your wall should be high and smooth with no footholds. My preference, on a material, to use, would have to be metal sheeting. These metal sheets can be found on roofs, sheds, warehouses, or by the bulk at a local retailer. The sheets are very easy to remove by simply removing the screws and taking them out, in order, for they are overlapped. Once your wall is at least high enough you can do more to it, as you please, such as constructing a walkway at the top of your walls.
At this point all weak spots of your wall should be identified and remedied. Whether the weak spot is a hole or unstable support it should be taken care of soon. A great way to reinforce your wall is to repeat what Rick Grimes had done to the walls at the Alexandria Safe Zone in "The Walking Dead" Comics! Rick had a deep trench dug along, on the outside, of the wall, of ASZ. The dirt, debris, and soil that was removed, to dig the trench, is then piled up and packed down on the inside of the walls, in order to create a solid support along the inside. Vehicles and other large objects can be buried with this remaining dirt on the inside of the wall as filler.
An elevated vantage point such as a guard tower with an assigned look-out is a safety feature that cannot be ignored! The Vantage point will help you get a larger view of your area, as well as letting you spot any approaching herds. A guard tower can be fabricated, by using an already existing building, in your safe zone or by constructing one. This is where your <~> Boy Scout Handbook may come in handy. A tower can easily and quickly be constructed out of lashings and timber. If your walls are high enough, then they may be used as your vantage point as well.
The Herd is the most dangerous foe a survivor can come in contact with. A herd, by its sheer weight and numbers can easily tear through most encampments. If your diversion tactic has not worked and then herd is still hard pressed to your doors, you will need to make sure your walls can hold out against this siege. If you have done the steps in the previous paragraph with the trench and earth wall, your shelter should hold up well. Other steps may be taken as well to defuse the full force of the herd. Staggering abandoned vehicles in a maze like pattern will at least slow the flow of the herd, until they can be dealt with. Also position snares and pikes, that may skewer and hold any undead, that gets caught in its grasp. Make sure you keep enough supplies to survive any lengthy siege against your encampment.
Always keep the Worst Case Scenario, in mind, at all times. If your encampment has fallen to a herd or other survivors you may need to flee and there is no shame in doing so, in order to stay alive! You should have at least 2 other places, in mind that you can flee to. These other “alternative shelters” should be stocked in case it’s needed. Hide any supplies and materials for your encampment to prevent theft of your supplies, from the wayward survivor and nomad. Burying the stock is the best way to ensure your belongings are still there, when needed.

Expanding your Boundaries and Network
You should also be expanding your boundaries to accommodate the space needed to farm and house other survivors. Slowly extending your walls with designated crews is the best and safest way to expand, while keeping everyone alive! Establishing safe routes, and friendly trade, from nearby encampments, is a HUGE step in reclaiming this world, for the living.
You should have plenty of area, for farming and future agriculture, as well enough space to accommodate new survivors, but to do so; you may need to expand your perimeter. Have a designated crew of at least 5-6 survivors. The crew members should include those that can quickly fabricate and install a new wall, and 2 of these members, should always be on look-out. The portion of your existing wall that will be dismantled, upon completion of the new section of wall, should have a safety ladder or rope ready for a quick escape, back into your area, in the case of a sudden, overwhelming attack. Be careful and do the work properly!
By now you should hopefully have spotted and interacted, with other survivor camps! If not, don’t be concerned, I would almost guarantee that you and your group, are not the last living humans, on this now dangerous planet. Trade of materials, food, weapons, and other supplies, with other encampments, is a large step forward, in reclaiming the world. Your trade routes should be as safe as can be. To do so, have a planned route from point A to B, in an area, that has the least amount of zombie activity. The route should be cleared of debris and abandoned vehicles, as thoroughly as possible. You may even go as far as lining any debris to the sides of your route, as a buffer between yourself and any foe you may come across, dead or alive.
Communication between encampments would greatly increase the survival rate, of travelers. Whether this be done by courier or by faster means. Hopefully by now you have enough solar energy to charge a set of walkie talkies or a H.A.M. Radio. This would be the most logical form of communication between civilizations. If this is still out of reach, setting up a simple Morse Code transceiver and receiver would do fine as well. <~> Basic diagrams and instructions for this can be found and placed in your Apocalypse Binder.
Fare, well and remember that the world, as we once knew it, needs YOU to help rebuild.

ZA - Year 3-5

Conquer the Walker
You have survived long, and hope is always there, but it feels too far out of reach, still. The biggest problem that you face in reclaiming this world is the Population Scale. There are still, most likely, more of the undead than the living, roaming the planet, and we need to tip the scales the other way! Doing so should be a joint effort of the entire population of the living. So get out your best, most professional, Post-Apocalyptic Attire, Practice your smile, And Go out and Lobby!
All that aside, let’s get right down to it. Fantastically you should release a powerful anti-virus into the air that only affects the undead, but this is the real world, and that just isn’t going to happen. Reclaiming the world, and exterminating the ghouls, will be a dangerous and lengthy process. Many ideas and plans may come into play when dealing with the mass extermination, of the zombies. Digging a large pit roughly the size of a football field, trapping and exterminating all-in-one, and tactical combat, are only some of the ideas that you may consider.
The large pit would be and the most effective way, of the 3 mentioned, in large scale extermination. The pit can be dug by hand, by machine if you have the fuel and power to do so, or by using a pit or hole that already exists. Place an unobtainable, bellowing noisemaker of sorts, i.e. large radio, horns, or a car’s alarm, in the midst of your pit. Once a large group, of the undead have trapped themselves into this pit, of doom, you may slowly pike, or incinerate this large group. Thusly you just crossed, up to a few thousand zombies, off of the list. Always be careful dealing with a herd of this size, one mistake may bring the entire herd bearing down upon you.
The best option for trap and exterminate, would be to lure the undead, into a blazing fire. For some purposes you may ignite an entire town or set of buildings on fire. The ghouls will be attracted to the flame, much like a moth, burning them to a char, in the process. A crew should be on standby, to exterminate any crispy fried ghouls that wander away. Then when the blaze has come to only a smoulder, a crew of your best exterminators, should venture into this ‘Hot Zone” and ensure that the dead are in fact, dead. Be Cautious when using fire, for a blaze may get out of hand and spread where you didn't intend it too.
Tactical Combat should be a worst case scenario solution. Given the facts, that the average zombie has been decomposing for a few years now and are a bit slower than when they first turned, and the notion that they will have no other desire or thought than to eat the flesh off of your face, this scenario can in fact be effective. The zombie is stupid and you are smart. Confront the ghouls with your army, clad in any sort of armor you can acquire or manufacture. Find a valid choke point, in which to tackle the undead swarm, without being too overwhelmed. Never back yourself into a corner. There should be a few members, of your crew, always watching your rear, so that you are not taken by surprise. Methodically advance, attack, retreat and repeat. Keep this up, while trading out attackers, to keep everyone from getting too exhausted. The pile of the dead undead would increase with each attack, thus acting as a buffer, the ghouls must now crawl over, the pile, to reach their next meal. Try other means of extermination before this one, for this plan would put too many survivors in harms way, for every survivor is the most precious commodity needed to rebuild the world!

Nothing Can Prepare You For What's to Come
I have no further insight for you past this section. You may ultimately Conquer the world or fail and die. It’s up to you. Though, when you have reclaimed the world will you be a king, Evil dictator, or rebuild better than it once was? The Choice is yours, but I just wanted to add one more thing. If you choose to be an Evil Dictator…. and my group comes across your group…. well long story short, you will no longer be an evil dictator, and that is a Promise.
I hope you have had a fun time and experience reading this, for I have had a great time finally getting all of these ideas and plans into one place. Thank you for reading!


This is a fictional piece, created to inform, educate, and stimulate your thought process. I in no way believe a Zombie Apocalypse is at all possible, but this guide may be applied to any sort of Apocalyptic Scenario. I have created this Guide as a FREE circulation, to be distributed to any and all eyes that would enjoy this read, as long as just credit has been given, to me, the author, Phillip Hebert, and to my 2 editors, Brandon Colon and Serena Bel.

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Apocalypse Binder

The Apocalypse binder is a compilation of different guides, materials, information, and skills needed to survive and reclaim the world in the case of an Apocalyptic Scenario.
My personal collection is held in a standard binder.

My Collection includes some of the following texts:
-Max Brook’s Zombie Survival Guide
-Zombie Apocalypse for the Everyday Survivor
-Instructions on hotwiring various vehicles
-A Road Atlas of my Area
-A Terrain Map of my area
-The Amercian Boy Scouts Handbook
-Instructions and list of components on Solar Energy
-Instructions and and list of components on a basic generator
- Farmer’s Almanac
-Basic Schematic of a HAM Radio and Morse Components
-Seasons of planting various crops

Written by: Phillip Hebert

Edited by: Brandon Colon


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