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I, like a lot of people, really enjoy Star Wars.

In fact, I would like to call myself an avid follower of the series, looking at every single little bit of hints at the new, upcoming movie(s), or so-called "Easter-eggs" in movies or series.

I watched the whole Clone Wars series in around 3 weeks I think, and found it throughly enjoyable. So when Star Wars rebels was announced, I was, naturally, quite exited (It then slipped my mind for a while, but nevermind that); a series set between episodes 3 and 4? Wow. Naturally I watched all the character profiles etc. that they put up on Youtube and all that, so when the series began, I started watching it.

And it is actually pretty AWESOME!!

It's fun, action-packed in a cartoonish way, and the lightsaber battle are pretty cool. And The Inquisitor is a great character. Great meaning amazingly cool. And Vader is in it briefly as well.

But the best part? The thing that made it best for me?

This Guy:

HELLS YEAH R2-D2 AND C3PO (not pictured)
HELLS YEAH R2-D2 AND C3PO (not pictured)

No. Not R2-D2, surprisingly enough. Bail Organa.

"Why? He's no big deal!!" I hear you cry. Well, Newsflash! He is.

He's important because he is the most prominent connection to the Republic which have seen so far, as he was a member of the Galactic Senate, and also Leia's adoptive father (Leia Organa, anyone?) . Oh and R2-D2 and C3PO were also featured in this episode. Because they're in everything Star Wars. No really. Look it up.

Even in Indiana Jones (George Lucas rules)
Even in Indiana Jones (George Lucas rules)

Much as I am sure anyone who reads this will probably already know all this, I'm saying it anyway. Because nobody has yet (Duh!).

As we see Bail Organa in Rebels, it could mean a possible (tiny) glimpse at a baby/child/teen Leia, which could be, really, quite cool.

Also, he seems to feature as one of Hera's contacts....

...So we could actually be seeing how the Rebel alliance was actually formed (Probably in a better way than we saw in The Force Unleashed, which I have never played. I watched the whole cinematic thing though. Onwards and Upwards!)


So, it's all going to come together at some point during the series, I reckon things are going to escalate pretty quickly though, probably in season 2, because season 1 (taking an example from Arrow here) mainly is there to set the scene on the characters and take them and make them more interesting. (Arrow is great.)

What do you, lovely viewers of this article think? Is Bail Organa going to be the main character that links all this to the actual Rebel Alliance? Or is it someone else entirely Let me/us all know below!

And finally...


Is The Inquisitor really, really, awesome?

Cheers for reading.


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