ByBrian Redmond, writer at

I love a good mystery story. I love a dark horror story. For David Lynch fans, it's obvious as to why the CBS thriller/idiosyncratic tv series Twin Peaks solidified itself as a cult-fan favorite in the early 90's. But as fans prepare for the next installment, we are left with a new puzzle:

Can David Lynch do it again in 2016?

The oddity-script writing and directing of David Lynch is one that holds true to the test of time. With the initial release in 1990, other shows at the time didn't compare to the wit and intense writing and didn't enter the world of cult-hero/fandom...unless one considers Northern Exposure, Coach, Murder-She Wrote, and Wings to be essential viewing material.

What can we expect from Twin Peaks in 2016? That is the true mystery. I'll add more to this one as soon as I get more time. Gotta run. Going to grab my coffee and cherry pie.


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