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Michael Williams Jr.

Yes, you read right. Henry Cavill is officially done being The [Man of Steel](movie:15593). For the time being anyway. It seems that the man who brought us a fresh, and much needed new take on the boy in the blue, is done filming his scenes in "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice". Although this may mean heart break for fans in New Mexico where the crew is packing up and going next, although Henry still may make an appearance on the set, him being done filming may mean production is nearing an end. Even though production may be close to finished they are still a long way from the end product. As every film when production is done, they enter post-production, which takes just as much if not more time than the original filming did. Seeing as post production is nearing we should be seeing an official trailer popping up withing the next few months. The International Business Times reported that the trailer is said to be plugged with the release of "[The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies](movie:512312)." So we are finally going to be able to get a first look at this soon to be blockbuster.

Now we might think that being Superman is easy, but its not all fun and games. Cavill had to stay in good physical shape throughout the whole shooting process. Meaning a strict diet and multiple trips to the gym each week. But in an interview with the Chicago Tribune the actor sheds light on how hard it really is being Superman on set as well as off.

"It was very difficult work." Henry pointed out. "It was very physically demanding. You can't just sit in the harness and expect it to do all the work. You're not going to look like you're flying. You have to pay attention to what your feet and legs are doing. It's like dancing," said Cavill.

With Henry Cavill done with his lines and wrapping up his experience as Superman for a second time, we can only hope for the best and wait to see for ourselves whether the movie will live up to its hype. With expectations high and Cavill cast as Superman for a third time in the upcoming Justice League movie, we have to think, whats next for the boy in blue?


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