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Michael Williams Jr.

With new and exciting pictures from the set of The Flash and Arrow crossover surfacing on the internet we are getting a better idea of what is going to happen in the epic, groundbreaking two night event.

Captain Boomerang

With Digger Harkness aka Captain Boomerang (guest star Nick Tarabay from the tv show Spartacus) making his big appearance in wednesday nights Arrow, we get our first glimpse at the villian Barry and Oliver will be teaming up to take down. George "Digger" Harkness is one of The Flashes oldest and more iconic villians. It will start off as Oliver, Diggle, and Roy track down a killer who has an affinity for Boomerangs. But it goes in a different direction when team Arrow runs into an ARGUS team. The team clearly sees something bigger is going on when they ask Lyla why ARGUS is involved and she wouldn't give them a straight answer. Then she is forced to ask for help when Digger attacks a building killing several agents and it is found he is targeting Lyla. With Arrow out of his league he asks his friend Barry for help. Creating the crossover we have all been waiting for since the announcement of The Flash. With the appearance of Captain Boomerang, and Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) appearing on a recent episode of The Flash it is safe to assume that they will team up as they did in the comics creating The Rogues, a ragtag group of Flash's main villians in future episodes of The Flash and even [Arrow](series:720988).

It's not only Barry making an appearance on Arrow. It seems that the whole S.T.A.R. Labs team is brought in to help. With Kaitlin Snow (Played by Danielle Panabaker) making an appearance in the Arrow Cave. Bringing the idea that Kaitlin and Cisco are aware of Oliver being the Arrow. This is huge and we could possibly be seeing a bigger friendship growing between the two teams, which may result in another crossover altogether if things fall into place right.

Finally we will have the big Arrow/Flash team up. With Oliver and Barry fighting side by side to save the city from the maniacal Captain Boomerang. We will see history happening, this being the first major crossover of a superhero tv series. There is alot that will come into play here. As Barry will have to struggle with working with a non superpowered ally. It will be cool to see how these two very different heroes come together and see how they work as a team. Barry a free spirit whos a bit of a show off, and the disciplined down to earth Oliver.

Now with the Arrow vs Flash crossover happening in two weeks we have a little time to wait, but it will all be worth it when we see these two iconic heroes coming together for the first time. So don't forget to tune in to the CW on december 2nd and the 3rd for this all star mash up.


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