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1. Multiple Fighting Styles

While Nolan's Batman possessed only basic brawling skills, Snyder's Dark Knight should have more than one fighting style to embrace when engaged in a fist fight. After all this Batman is going to be older, wiser and a veteran of many years of crime fighting in the years gone by. He should be dropping thugs left and right with ease.

2. Batarangs

This classic tool of the Cape Crusader has been used for disarming henchmen and unlocking high security gadgetry. So why has it been totally forgotten throughout the more recent iteration of the Dark Knight? Yes, it was mentioned in Batman Begins, But I never saw it used. At least not like a Batarang that Batman would utilize on one of his nightly excursions. Since Snyder is going for a much more "comic" version of Batman, this tool should be placed back in the Utility Belt.

3. Bruce Wayne's Ingenuity

Bruce Wayne is just as much brain as brawn if not more. In the comics he designed and built his own gadgets including the Bat-Mobile. But, In the Nolan films, when Bruce needs something done, whether it be scientific or other wise, he constantly goes to Alfred and Lucius Fox. How can Batman be Batman when his only capabilities are punching bad guys? Again, Snyder's Batman will be older and been doing it for a long time. Make sure he's not an idiot and can accomplish tasks with his mind.

4. Batman's Mindset

Is Batman insane or does he just have a negative view of practically everything? From seeing the Justice League as potentially the greatest threat the world has ever known to knowing that even he himself could turn from a dark hero to a disturbed villain if he ever chose to kill, Batman doesn't assume anything is good, even if the evidence shows otherwise. The fact is: Batman is severely paranoid. Point of fact. This lifestyle does give him an advantage of acknowledging what could go down and coming up with a contingency plan in his spare time. Batman is also willing to sacrifice literally everything if it means keeping the world safe. Make sure that Batman's psychology is touched upon and that we as the audience understand how his negative view of the worlds potential problems is really the equivalent of solving and protecting and saving the world as a whole.

5. Batman's Brutality

Ever played any of the Arkham games? If you have you'll know that Batman doesn't hold back when it comes to his repertoire of bone breaking skills. He means business, and while he won't kill you (at least not intentionally) he will not hesitate to walk close to that edge. That means that snapping your arms and legs like twigs and even leaving your internal organs out of order is not off limits for the Dark Knight. After all, if your alive when he exits the scene, he hasn't broken his sacred code. But still, leaving disarmed and disabled men lying out in the code is rather dark. Even for our dark hero. But after all, that's part of the reason we love him. Give us a Batman that won't hesitate or hold back when putting his adversaries out of commission for a good long while. Also let us hear Batman lay down the law as he easily intimidates his foes with some very unkind words. Such as one of these.

"Lie to me, if your done eating solid food."

"Talk! Or prepare to eat threw a straw."

"Do you know how many bones you've got left for me to break?"


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