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In 2015 there are exactly zero movies from the powerhouse Disney Animation Studio, which invites a grand opportunity for Pixar to go under a renaissance, a revolution.

Is this what [Inside Out](movie:332779) will be? The film that inadvertently brings back Pixar to it's former glory? That seems to be the general idea that's running on this film. Even the first teaser trailer supported this idea, with the majority of material focusing on the legacy of the great studio, showing snippets of their most heart-tugging scenes.

In fact I had thought this film was going to be a way for Pixar to regain it's strength, become what it used to be.

But that was until these character introductions came onto scene.

If you haven't already seen them, here they are:

Notice any special aspects about this film?

Now, several things have happened since the last Pixar films (more since the last grand Pixar film), such things as me having grown a bit, and also the release of Frozen and it's wild success. With these two things, I see opportunities that would greatly benefit Pixar.

What led to the enormous success of [Frozen](movie:411685) (which I hated)?

A large contributing factor would have to be how social media (mainly Tumblr) never made you forget that the film existed. Creating an audience that was obsessed and filled with claims of how relatable and revolutionary this film was.

This was achieved through gifs upon gifs of scenes and quotes from the film. And that's what I see in these character introductions.

A factor of relatability, a factor of cute, but also edgy characters that are bound to have gifs and pictures as perfect Tumblr material.

But this movie isn't the only output of Pixar that is now trying gain more social recognition in the teenager/ young-adult age range. Seen in their Twitter and Facebook pages, captions have become increasingly targeted at tweens, and media isn't just being pumped out for young ones and their mothers.


Do you Even Lift?
Do you Even Lift?
Even seasonal photos like these make appearances
Even seasonal photos like these make appearances

So what is Pixar playing at?

I think they already know that they are the masters of our emotions and now they will tackle the topic of fitting into modern society, and not having films just for mums, children and avid fans/critics.

Like Disney-animation has done, Pixar will have to eventually become culture-relevant, for that's where the money is.

There's only so many masterpieces that can be made, before block-busters become a priority.

I think Pixar is doing well embracing this new age, and I hope they adapt fast.


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