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Marvel's Civil War arc is one of their biggest and most popular comic crossovers in recent history. With a strong story and great use of characters it has become exceedingly popular. Marvel has recently announced that they will be adapting this storyline on film, due to be released in 2016. The film will be the second film after [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) and is one of the most anticipated films of that phase. However, in the comics, there are a lot of characters involved in the story. This does not seem likely for the big screen though, as the film is entitled Captain America rather than Avengers. The question remains, which characters should be involved in the film? And what parts should they play? This article will examine the prospects of many Marvel characters to asses whether they should be part of the film.

Part 1. Existing Avengers

Steve Rogers, Captain America

Comics: In the comic series, Captain America is one of the most important parts of the Civil War. As the leader of the anti-registration side and the Secret Avengers, cap is one of two main characters. At the end of the war he is arrested and then killed on the steps of court be Crossbones.

Film: The film is called [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409). I think he'll be in it.

Role: Cap's role would appear to be fairly similar to the comics one. He will oppose Iron Man as the leader of the anti-registration side. However, I have a feeling that Cap will live through this one, Avengers 3 however, is a different story all together.

Anthony Stark, Iron Man

Comics: Iron Man opposes cap as the leader of the pro-registration debate. He acts as a figurehead for the superhero registration act and helps to recruit many heroes. He was is nearly killed by Captain America but the Star Spangled Man is subdued and surrenders before he could deliver the final blow. After the War, he becomes the new director of SHIELD.

Film: Pencil him in for a major role.

Role: Iron Man will, once again, lead the pro-registration forces against Cap. Whilst in the comics he is depicted as equally right as Cap, expect him to be more of an antagonist in this one.

Thor Odinson

Comics: Thor is MIA during the events of Civil War, returning soon after for the Siege storyline.

Film: Not putting Thor in this film would be a smart move from Marvel

Role: I don't think Thor should be involved in Civil War at all. It doesn't really pertain to him. I'd imagine they could clear this up in [Thor: Ragnarok](movie:956858) by saying that Odin (Loki in disguise) did not allow Thor to visit earth. There are plenty of other characters that should be in this film ahead of Thor.

Bruce Banner, The Hulk

Comics: The green, mean, rage machine is nowhere to be found during Civil War. Having been shot into space by the llluminati. He returns soon after the war for World War Hulk.

Film: Maybe, maybe not.

Role: It really depends how big they want to make the film. The Hulk takes a lot of graphics work and isn't a key part of the comic storyline so at this stage it would seem unlikely. We'll see how he ends up after Age of Ultron. Because if he is imprisoned or shot into space, I think he'll stay there.


Will Hulk be in Civil War?

Clint Barton, Hawkeye

Comics: Hawkeye's life was quite complicated after the House of M storyline. Hawkeye was about halfway through a resurrection during the war. He returns to the US after the war and joins the Secret Avengers as Ronin.

Film: I think that Hawkeye should play an important part in the film

Role: He could go either way. The film Hawkeye is presented as a dedicated SHIELD agent, and would join Iron Man. But the sarcastic, quick witted Hawkeye we all love from the comics would join Captain America. Either way, expect him to add some comic relief as one of the chief side characters. Iron Man and Cap are going to be pretty serious and stressed in this one, so Hawkeye has to provide that humour.

Natasha Romanov, [Black Widow](movie:1070824)

Comics: Natasha Romanov joins Iron Man on the pro-registration side. She is a member of a special taskforce to find heroes.

Film: She'll be there

Role: I think her role in the film will be similar to that of the comics, joining Iron Man. This will be interesting as she has a personal relationship to Hawkeye and to Captain America, making for a potentially strong sub-plot.

Part 2: Future Avengers

Wanda Maximoff, Scarlet Witch

Comics: The Scarlet Witch was severely messed up after House of M. She was living a secluded life after losing her memories.

Film: The Scarlett Witch is not a necessary part of Civil War and so may not appear in the film.

Role: I think that it is unlikely for SW to appear in the film. Even if she does, it would be hard to tell what side she joins, her portrayal in Age of Ultron will give us more insight into her film character.

Peitro Maximoff, Quicksilver

Comics: Quicksilver was still recovering from House of M during the civil war.

Film: Don't expect any Quicksilver in Civil War. His fiery comic personality makes him slightly more likely to appear than the Scarlet Witch, but only just.

Role: Quicksilver, like his sister, is unlikely to appear in the civil war film. Mainly because it is unlikely that one will appear without the other. It is hard to tell which side he would join if included.

The Vision

Comics: Vision, an android is involved on a few occasions in the civil war. This is actually the second vision, based on the tech of Iron Lad/Kang. Vision is a member of the young avengers and joins the anti-reg side when that group is attacked.

Film: We don't know much about Vision in the MCU. But a small role in Civil War is feasible.

Role: The Vision could take either side, whatever he decides is logical I guess. Vision could provide some commentary about the nature of humanity and whatnot, but, despite this, I don't think we'll see him in the film.


Vision in Civil War?

Hank Pym, Ant Man

Comics: Hank Pym is one of Iron Man's strongest supporters.

Film: Michael Douglas will be more mentor than hero in [Ant-Man](movie:9048). It is unlikely he will be in the film, but he could well be.

Role: If Hank Pym is in the film, he will be a supporter of Iron Man and we may even see the prison "Project 42" which Stark, Pym and Mr Fantastic build in the comic.

Scott Lang, Ant Man

Comics: Scott Lang was dead during the time of Civil War (he came back though).

Film: I think that it is Paul Rudd's character should be a key part of Civil War.

Role: Scott could well join both sides, his history as a criminal make Cap's side likely, yet a desire to right his wrong would also make joining Iron Man a possibility. I could see Lang originally joining Iron Man, then getting cold feet and trying to flee the country, much like the Thing did in the comics.

Hope Pym, Wasp

Comics: Janet Pym is firmly in favour of registration.

Film: We don't even know if Evangeline Lily will be playing the Wasp in Ant Man yet, but it would be a waste if she wasn't. If Ant Man is in the film, the Wasp should be too.

Role: Assuming the Wasp will exist, I think she should be important in Civil War. She and Scott would join at the same time, she would be loyal to the cause, with Scott less so (see above).

Doctor Stephen Strange

Comics: Doctor Strange was critical of the Superhero Registration Act, but did not take part in the civil war.

Film: [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) should definitely not be in this film

Role: Doctor Strange is a weird character, he needs a whole film to introduce him. He cannot be forced into a film with no back story or explanation, it will be really confusing. If he is in the film, I'd imagine he'd side with Captain America.

Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel

Comics: Carol Danvers is all for the Superhero Registration Act as Ms Marvel.

Film: We're not really sure about how Captain Marvel is going to fit in, but I'd say she would need time to introduce, too much time.

Role: (See Dr. Strange). Captain Marvel has a great power set and is a great character, she shouldn't be jammed into this one. I'd say the absolute earliest we'd see her is in Guardians 2 but I'd prefer if she got a proper origin story in Captain Marvel.

Part 3: Side Heroes

James Rhodes, War Machine/Iron Patriot

Comics: Rhodes was in retirement during the civil war.

Film: He should be there, backing up Iron Man.

Role: The James Rhodes we've been presented with would definitely register. Look to see him convincing Iron Man that he's on the right side.

Sam Wilson, Falcon

Comics: The Falcon was one of Cap's staunchest Supporters

Film: He'll be there, siding with Captain America

Role: Basically, Wilson will be a reverse Rhodey, giving strong support to Captain America

Barbara Morse, Mockingbird

Comics: Mockingbird was not involved in civil war.

Film: I'd say a small her appearance from her would be a nice touch

Role: As a dedicated SHIELD agent, I'd say she would be one of the first to register. Perhaps a small role as a member of Stark's strike team.

James Barnes, Winter Soldier

Comics: Winter Soldier stays hidden throughout the war. e is involved in a plot to rescue Steve Rogers when he is imprisoned. However, Cap is killed before Winter Soldier can rescue him.

Film: It seems that Barnes' return to goodness will continue in Civil War.

Role: He will continue his path of recovery and join Captain America's side. I think he will be introduced in a similar way to how the Punisher was in the comics.

Part 4. Other Teams


Comics: The inhumans stay out of it, bit threaten war if anybody tries to involve them.

Film: The inhumans are no chance to appear in the film.

Role: They should not be anywhere near this film. Having them would confuse much of the audience who are unfamiliar with the team.

The Defenders (Dare Devil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones)

Comics: Luke Cage and Daniel Rand (who was disguised as Daredevil to clear Matt Murdoch's name) are two of Captain America's biggest allies. Jessica Jones also was against the act, fleeing to Canada.

Film: Adding in these characters would be a good way to flesh out the film.

Role: I really want to see the characters involved. They would all be on Captain America's side. They are great examples of heroes with identities to protect.


Do you want to see the Defenders in Civil War?

New Warriors

Comics: A televised raid by the new warriors results in a massive explosion, killing hundreds and kick-starting the civil war. Speedball is the only surviving member and is heavily persecuted.

Film: I think that the Stamford Incident should make it's way onto film.

Role: The team should be introduced in season 3 of Agents of SHIELD. They join forces as a superhero reality show. Speedball will be a character that proves instrumental as he is blamed by society.

Part 5. S.H.I.E.L.D.

Maria Hill

Comics: Maria Hill is head of SHIELD at the time of the civil war, she is central to enforcing the SHRA and becomes hated by many heroes.

Film: I don't imagine her role changing much

Role: Maria Hill should take over as head of SHIELD after Coulson is sacked for not being a supporter of Superhero registration by the word security council. She will be instrumental in recruiting Iron Man as the face of the SHRA

Phil Coulson

Comics: Coulson was only introduced to the mainstream comic universe in the last year or so, after the civil war.

Film: It's difficult to know how Marvel will handle Coulson, the Avengers think he's dead. I think he'll appear in Age of Ultron and will be in Civil War.

Role: I could imagine Coulson being replaced by Maria Hill as director of SHIELD by the World Security Council in Agents of SHIELD. Then, in the film, he would assist heroes to reach safety from SHIELD enforcement.

Sharon Carter

Comics: This is a weird one, she originally supported the act but changed to Roger's side. She was then brainwashed by Doctor Faustus and helped with the assassination of Captain America.

Film: She'll be there, I don't think the Faustus plot will be there though.

Comics: Leaves SHIELD to join Cap's side. They probably won't have time for any romance sub-plot.

Part 5: Misc

T'Challa, Black Panther

Comics: Panther's wedding to Storm was an awkward confrontation as tensions between Iron Man and Captain America were escalating. He is neutral for a long time and then he and Storm eventually side with Captain America.

Film: Chadwick Boseman will play the Wakandan Prince in a major civil War role.

Role: This is a tricky one. T'Challa will probably serve as the moral centre for the film, a neutral party. He may join Captain America in the final act.


Look out for villains such as Crossbones, Blizzard, Absorbing Man and Batroc to try to make deals for themselves. It's unlikely that they'll have big roles but maybe a cameo or two would help to flesh out both sides.

Peggy Carter

Expect another visit to Peggy's bedside in this one as Cap faces his struggles.


Pro-Registration Side

Iron Man, Black Widow, Ant Man, Wasp, Hank Pym, Vision?, Iron Patriot, Mockingbird, Maria Hill, SHIELD. (could also see villains such as Crossbones and Batroc joining to get brownie points)

Anti-registration Side

Captain America, Falcon, Hawkeye, Winter Soldier, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Speedball?, Sharon Carter, Phil Coulson,


Black Panther, Peggy Carter

Not Involved

Dr Strange, Thor, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Inhumans, Scarlett Witch, Quicksilver

What do you think? Let me know who you think should and shouldn't be in the film. Who did you think I was wrong about? Give your opinions in the comments below


How many people will be involved in Captain America: Civil War?


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