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Universal Pictures has released the first Jurassic World teaser trailer for director Colin Trevorrow’s (Safety Not Guaranteed) highly anticipated sequel. The movie takes place 22 years after Jurassic Park and is set on a fully functional park on Isla Nublar. This is the perfect kind of teaser trailer in that it offers a tiny taste of footage tinged with a hint of nostalgia (the minimal take on John Williams‘ iconic theme is great), all underlined with a sense of foreboding. We don’t have to wait long until we see the the full trailer though, as it will debut on Thanksgiving at 6pm PT/ 9pm ET during NBC football.

Watch the teaser trailer of Jurassic World.

If you’re a fan of digging through viral campaigns, you’re about to be quite happy.
And today, a new viral site for next year’s Jurassic World has officially launched online today named Masrani. The name is actually the name of a company that you guessed it, is the new owner and financier for International Genetic Technologies. Originally started out as a telecommunications business by Sanjay Masrani, the business was then expanded into oil and bought IGT after the owner, Dr. John Hammond died in 1997 by Sanjay’s son and new leader of the company, Simon Masrani (Irrfan Kahn).

Simon set out to begin to build a whole new Jurassic World on Isla Nublar from then on, and as we’ll most likely find out in the film, this might not have been the wisest decision in the world.

The first trailer for Jurassic World will be released in four days, according to the official website for the film. The website is currently showing a countdown that has just over four days left on it, as well as “Park Weather” and “Latest News” for the film’s in-universe amusement park.

There are also a lot of new stills from the movie scattered throughout the site.I’m sure there’s plenty more to be found on the viral site.

Check out the images:

Here's the Synopsis for the film:

Jurassic World is set 22 years after the events of the original Jurassic Park. A new corporation has moved forward with John Hammond’s vision, and built a new, functioning, dinosaur amusement park on Isla Nublar. When the park begins to see attendance number drop, they start playing with genetics to create new dinosaur attraction, in order to encourage visitors to return. Things get nasty when a particularly dangerous new breed of dinosaur gets loose, causing chaos in the park.

Here’s how the Marsani Global website describes the new InGen:

InGen is all about tomorrow’s technology, today. Ever since its founder Dr. John Parker Hammond dreamed up the idea to access prehistoric life from preserved DNA in fossilized amber, InGen’s headquarters in San Diego, CA have been busy at work collecting the world’s most comprehensive genomic library. Their work paved the way for the first prehistoric animal to be brought back to life in 1984 and since then have learned valuable lessons about control and environmental issues which have helped shape the company into what it is today.

The acquisition of InGen by Masrani in 1998 before Dr. Hammond’s passing hasn’t changed the scientific focus placed on the company, and CEO Simon Masrani has looked to experienced geneticist Dr. Henry Wu to guide the company ever since – with results often exceeding expectations for investors. Thanks to Masrani, InGen has been reinvented and is bringing tomorrow’s science, today.

Here’s a little bit about Masrani and his connection to InGen:

In 1997 Simon Masrani began talks to acquire International Genetic Technologies after the passing of Dr. John Hammond in order to reshape and restore the company to a level of satisfaction once sought by the former founder. By 1998 InGen was under the Masrani umbrella and the years from 2002 to 2004 would help lead the Masrani company on their biggest adventure yet: the construction of Jurassic World on Isla Nublar.

Jurassic World’ stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’onofrio, Irrfan Kahn, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, Jake Johnson, Judy Greer, Omar Sy, and more! It is directed by Colin Trevorrow and is set to be released on June 12th, 2015!

So what do YOU think about the film? Are you excited for the film? Are you not? What do you think of the site and images? Do you care? Drop some comments down below, share with your friends, and let’s talk JURASSIC WORLD!

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