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I know there are more of you out there....HUGE Sons of Anarchy fans that just love the show as much as I do. We love the grittiness, the action, the drugs, the bikes, the hot chicks, the hot guys(for the ladies haha). It has phenomenal writing and acting that gets stronger every year because of cast chemistry and actors just generally evolving their skills. Speaking of evolving......



What Ever Happened To Jax Teller?!?!??

Now I know some of you are thinking I am just referring to his willingness and almost enjoyment to kill this season, but I am referring to much more than that. Let me start from the beginning with this.

When we first met Jax Teller he was a young naive man that was basically heir to the throne of one of the countries largest Motorcycle Clubs, he had a kid coming into his life with a wife that was a junkie he wanted nothing to do with. He meets back up with his true love Tara blah blah blah. Hes cocky and arrogant and you don't really see any evil in him.

I mean hell he even had a guide in the form of a manuscript his father wrote telling him how to steer the club in the right way.

He knew who he was and he was just having fun, but the most sad thing about this story is the fact that the only reason Jax lost his way is because of all the people he loves most. His first true act of terrible cruelty occurred when he killed the agent who was harassing Tara(understandable I guess) but why would they fuck next to his dead body?

So at this point he is still somewhat himself as he talks to Opie and Piney about wanting what is best for the club and making his dads dream a reality. Well momma Gem wont stand for that. No Gemma is such a crazy person already holding all the secrets since the club began, she cant let any get out and she does not know what John could have left out or put in the book. Now other then Tara slowly but surely turning into Gemma, even the way she tells people "STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY" is almost identical. Jax remains pretty much the same through it all(Pineys Death and countless others) until Gemma tells him about how Clay definitely did kill his dad(she leaves out that she helped) and having Opie die was the goddamn cherry on fucking top of the bullshit!

So Opie is dead and Clay is still alive, now Jax says that he is ready to move out of guns now more than ever its just "complicated". This is where Jax starts to slip and really lose himself. He has both Gem and Tara always lying and manipulating him through all the tough times they endure. And the power isn't going to his head in a way that he is turning super evil or anything like that its more like he is fully willing to do whatever it takes no matter what for his club and his family. JESUS CHRIST IS EVERYONE GEMMA NOW?!?!?!!

After Opie's death and letting all of what Tig did go Jax has a new master plan which is to bring in more hardened criminals that are out of SAMCROs league one after the other. This is a man that is hellbent on revenge and starting to act more and more like a character we would hate if we didn't believe that good was still in him somewhere. For roughly two seasons Jax teeters the line until the most significant moment of his life since the birth of his children.

Jax kills Clay(honestly it was sort of drawn out for longer then it needed to be) and that isn't even the event I am talking about. The scene is great but it took a little too long to get there

Jax walks in to find his wife has been brutally murdered.

The last season takes place over the course of only a couple weeks and is all about Jax getting his revenge on the chinese, he believes they were the ones who killed her because the real culprit Gemma has to cover her tracks with the help of disgraced former SAMCRO member Juice. Jax goes through some dark times and does the worst things he has ever done, including very very brutally torturing who Gemma told him had killed Tara to cover her own ass. Not long after Jax finds out that the guy he tortured and killed had been out of town the night of the murder and there was no way he could have done it. Now that Jax knows something is off he needs to get to the bottom of all of this. He literally started a war in the streets for revenge on people that did nothing wrong to him or his people. Along the way in this war Bobby dies and that really shakes Gemma to the core as her lie has started the deadliest chain of events in the shows history. This scene is where Jax really starts to see the truth that makes so much sense but he could have never realized on his own.

Eventually Juice tries to get help out of the country and is apprehended by SAMCRO, he leads the cops on a chase and gets arrested at their request so that he can basically do their dirty work on the inside and get rid of Lin. Juice is visited by Jax and is answering all of his questions and confirming that Abel had told the truth about Gemma being Tara's true murder. Gemma then tries to elude her fate that she knows is coming until she realizes that this is the end she would always meet, the ending that she truly deserved, the only ending that makes sense in this fucked up world she has helped create.

After Jax learns the truth he tells his brothers and sets out to find his mother and make her pay for what she did. Now Kurt Sutter did an amazing job on the entire show but i believe his handling on this conflict after Taras death was so beautiful and really does remind you how Shakespearean the whole show is. The acting is top notch and the losses while harsh are very real to the world that Sutter has built over 7 Seasons. Now the most sad part of the entire last season to me was that Wayne Unser and his love for Gemma is what eventually got him killed just as most of her lovers had been killed. He was a good man but that was his ultimate downfall, he wasn't able to let the woman he loved die at the hand of her son even though she truly deserved nothing better. After Unser died there was a very beautiful death scene for Gemma that all of us fans had been waiting for since season 1. Check out the clip below(Sorry about the quality lol):

Now this might have been the end to Gemmas journey but it was certainly not the end for the Sons or for Jax. After all that has happened and all that he has had to do due to the lies and secrets held onto by people he loved and trusted

Jax finally realizes that his fathers dream and his childrens safety is all that matters. So, the club fakes that they tried to kill him and he got away as they could never truly do that top their brother and Jax sent the kids to go with Wendy to the farm for "The Weekend". It soon becomes clear that Jax is finally getting SAMCRO out of guns and he does so, meanwhile he knows his kids are safe and will always be safe with a loving mother and a very trustworthy friend as their mentors going forward. Jax gives the rings his father gave to him to Abel and something feels off for the entire finale i might add. Finally Jax leads the police on a huge chase after saying goodbye to his father at the spot he died and he not only gives in but embraces his death as he knows after what he has done there is no way he can come back from it and be a good person. But what he can do is keep his pormise to the club to get them out of guns and keep his promise to Tara to get the kids away from this lifestyle forever. The final scene is filmed amazingly and brings a tear to my eye each time I watch it. Here is a beautiful tribute to the show:

Jax Teller was a naive young man just wanting to live a carefree life and follow in his fathers footsteps that turned into one of the most ruthless criminals ever displayed on TV only to find his way back to redemption and achieve the goal of his father through the mistakes similar to his mothers.


Kurt Sutter can be seen next starring in another FX show he created called The Bastard Executioner.

Charlie Hunnam can be seen in multiple upcoming films such as Pacific Rim 2, Crimson Peak, and Knights Of The Roundtable: King Arthur.

What do you love most about Jax Teller?


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