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Foxcatcher is an upcoming film depicting the true events of the life of Mark Schultz and his relationship with paranoid-schizophrenic millionaire John du Pont. Channing Tatum portrays Mark Schultz, an Olympic wrestler who trains at the wrestling facility at the Foxcatcher Farm owned by millionaire John du Pont, portrayed by Steve Carell. Mark Ruffalo portrays David Schultz, Mark's brother whom John shot and killed in 1996.

In the film, John invites Mark to train at his facility, to which he happily agrees. Soon after he joins the Foxcatcher wrestling team, he starts to notice the strange behaviors of du Pont.

The film is based on a true story and, like most Hollywood films based on true stories, is likely going to be "enhanced" for entertainment purposes. They'll up the drama, add in a few scenes here and there and basically cram years worth of events into two hours!

Nevertheless, this film looks amazing and could still stay very close to the source material. For one thing, the actors have been chosen perfectly. Channing Tatum plays Mark Schultz in what he describes as his "toughest acting challenge I've had to date" and you can tell! The role of Mark Schultz is a tough one, but Channing Tatum pulls it off perfectly! He has shown in this movie that he can more than just the funny, pretty guy he portrays in movies like Step Up and 21 Jump Street.

Mark Ruffalo portrays the late David Schultz pretty dang good as well! Mark has been rising up in fame ever since he played the Hulk in The Avengers, but his portrayal of David in Foxcatcher proves he's not a "one-hit wonder"! I can already tell just by the trailer that Mark Ruffalo is going to make the performance of a lifetime! Also he apparently takes his acting VERY seriously as reportedly he ruptured Channing Tatum's ear drum after slapping him just a bit too hard for a scene (HULK SLAP!!).

But the best, THE ABSOLUTE BEST performance hands down goes to Steve Carell. In what can be considered a career-changing performance, Steve portrays John du Pont, and nails it! Steve Carell is known for comdey movies mostly. Sure he's done some drama, but they're mostly comedy-dramas and I don't think I've ever seen him in a dramatic movie as the main role. So when I heard that Michael Scott from The Office was going to play a role as dramatic as John du Pont, you could understand how doubtful I was. But then I saw the trailer, and all my doubts were destroyed! Steve Carell absolutely livens up the screen as John, portraying every chilling and eccentric behavioral attribute of the mentally ill millionaire perfectly!

The trailer just gave me chills, hearing Steve Carell speak in that undertone and cold voice. Speaking as if he was there, but he wasn't really, there. Mentally. Get what I mean? I could barely even recognize Steve at times!

The movie looks great. The cast is on point and absolutely wonderful! Steve Carell has not only proven that he can do more than comedy, but also that he can nail more than comedy! The film, though most definitely going to receive the old Hollywood glorified treatment, will hopefully stay true to its "true story" underline and still entertain audiences worldwide!

I recommend this movie to absolutely everyone and I myself will definitely be seeing it when it releases!

Still don't think it's all that great? Well maybe the chilling trailer whill change your mind. Quick note: You get absolute chills when Steve Carell (portraying John du Pont) says "Mark" at the end of the trailer. It's crazy because he says it so normally, but so scary as well!


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