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Originally, I wasn't too excited to see this film, but after the amazing casting choices and even this little teaser, now I'm actually VERY excited.

Did the somber tone of the teaser give you chills too? Within the 20 second video, I already feel nostalgic from the first movie. This already feels more like the original movie than the previous sequels and the series really needed that to continue.

This is set 22 years after the original movie. They reopened the park and you get a sense of the time difference just by the seeing technological progress in the sightseeing cars.

This classic jeep vs...

This awesome... bubble car? I kinda like it. Can you imagine getting into an accident in one of those? What would it be like... bumper bubbles? Pretty cool, where do I get one? Bubble boy would definitely be pleased.


Already we can tell that something big is going down at the newly reopened park (I mean, duh, or there wouldn't be another movie). Just look at Chris Pratt's concerned face.

Oh man, that lasagna was a bad idea.
Oh man, that lasagna was a bad idea.

And also, Bryce Dallas Howard's, "oh crap, we're in trouble," face, but that's not even the most interesting part of this next picture, look at the screen behind her. There is a whole half of the island that's completely restricted. Why is half of the island restricted and what are they doing there? Is there dangerous experiments happening/living on that half of the island?

Chris, I can smell that from here! No more Lasagna!
Chris, I can smell that from here! No more Lasagna!

The official trailer is set to be released this Thanksgiving. Are you excited to learn more about [Jurassic World](movie:32752)? Please comment below!


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