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Animation studios have been raising the bar in the coming years and this year is no exception. All the studios are bringing their 'A' game and appealing to not just the kids but the adults with their latest films with some awesome storyline and epic art work. Whether it's original feature films or spin-offs with your favorite characters, they always have surprises that'll keep you wanting more.

The next film hitting the big screens is Penguins of Madagascar by DreamWorks! From the Madagascar movie series to the Penguins of Madagascar TV show, The Penguins now have their own hit movie! Strap in for an adventure with Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private as they do what they do best tagging alongside an elite task force known as the North Wind. DreamWorks packed this film with gags for days. Featuring a great voice cast, this film will get the entire family thrilled!

[Penguins of Madagascar](movie:671263) is the most hilarious, action-packed animated film this year. Not to mention that they are cute and cuddly! Super fun film for viewers of all ages. If you haven't watched the Madagascar series, fear not. The nonstop puns and jokes will have you laughing throughout the entire movie anyway! What are The Penguins up too now? Go find out on Wednesday, November 26th, 2014!

All these films are great in their own regard and have their own story and humor. Still they are films enjoyable to all ages, these animations have made a bang in the box office. What's next for the animated world!? When you think they've done it all, they come out with another surprise. Leading the charts for animated movies in 2014 is The LEGO Movie, but with the legacy that Madagascar has built up, could Penguins of Madagascar peak the top animated films in 2014?

Penguins of Madagascar

Cheezy Dibbles!!!
Cheezy Dibbles!!!

DreamWorks feature the Penguins of Madagascar! These penguins will cheese it up with their humor and their snacks. Awesome voice acting and clever puns make this a hilarious film to watch. This cute and cuddly film is just in time for the chilly holiday season.

  • Opening Weekend: TBD
  • Estimated Total: $135 Million

The LEGO Movie

Warner Bros. Pictures
Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros. Pictures tops the charts with The LEGO Movie. So many people's favorite past times and still a hugely popular toy. This film cleverly used so many references from the past and present, it was hard not to be a fan favorite for viewers of all ages! This awesome nostalgic film destroyed the box office!

  • Opening Weekend: $69,050,279
  • Total: $257,760,692

Big Hero 6

Walt Disney Pictures and Animation Studios brings you their latest animated hit, [Big Hero 6](movie:425271). Landing at #2 in top animated films this year hitting the box office, a story set in San Fransokyo about a young boy named Hiro. This movie will get your emotions all jumbled, seriously. Great story and animation, you did it again Disney.

  • Opening Weekend: $56,215,889
  • Total (as of 11/23/14): $135,708,000

How to Train your Dragon 2


DreamWorks Animation produces the sequel to their first hit How to Train your Dragon. A great follow up to the original film, with more dragons and more action than ever! Dragons that are like dogs, who could ask for more classic spin on a great relation.

  • Opening Weekend: $49,451,322
  • Total: $176,900,486

Mr. Peabody and Sherman

"No doubt about it, every dog should have a boy!"
"No doubt about it, every dog should have a boy!"

DreamWorks presents Mr. Peabody and Sherman, a story about a dog highly intellectual canine and his boy Sherman. When things go awry, can Mr. Peabody right the wrongs? You might walk away from this moving learning a thing or two, great movie for the family!

  • Opening Weekend: $32,207,057
  • Total: $111,506,430

Planes: Fire & Rescue

Disney present Planes: Fire & Rescue, the second in the Planes series. This time Dusty partners with some colleagues on a huge mission. Seems like planes are not as popular as cars, but can Dusty save the day?

  • Opening Weekend: $17,509,407
  • Total: $59,165,787

Book of Life

Two best friends..
Two best friends..

Presented by Reel FX and Fox, [The Book of Life](movie:364131) tells an interesting fantasy adventure of love and heroism. Hugely rated as an entertaining film that didn't do well in the box office. Nonetheless, still a great movie and doing well amongst the viewers and the critics!

  • Opening Weekend: $17,005,218
  • Total: $47,932,000

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Be sure to check out Penguins of Madagascar in theaters Wednesday, November 26th! & be on the look out for Madagascar 4 in a couple years...


What is your favorite animated film of 2014 so far?


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