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Eshan Bhatt

When the latest Arrow episode came out and I watched the ending, at first I was ecstatic that Captain Boomerang was introduced. Then I took a step back and was like wait a minute. I don't remember Captain Boomerang being a villain of the Arrow. In fact, he was a villain of the Flash. So now its getting me thinking, since [The Flash](series:1068303) and Green Arrow are in the same universe and DC has acknowledged their coexistence before, does that mean he will be a villain for both series? Will the writers of the Flash bring him into their show? It just doesn't make sense to me that they would use him for the Green Arrow, a character that he never was a villain for, and not use him for the Flash.

Well thank god my fears ended when I saw the preview of the upcoming crossover episode in which the [Arrow](series:720988) and the Flash fight but also Captain Boomerang is featured as well. By the way, how does that work? In my mind the way it works is that the Flash would clearly destroy the Arrow in a fight. I mean for god's sake he's a fricken meta-human with super speed that could put more punches into Oliver before he could even fire a single arrow. I mean come on. But, that's a different conversation.

Bottom line is that I'm relieved that they have introduced him. That means he could potentially fit into the very obvious build up of Rogues in the Flash series. Oh and by the way, I checked wikipedia just to make sure I wasn't wrong about him not being a villain of the Arrow and it turns out some idiot on Wikipedia said that in his appearance, Captain Boomerang didn't have an accent when he spoke. Like what the crap! THE GUY DEFINITELY HAD AN ACCENT LIKE SERIOUSLY??? And the actor did it perfectly. It was just the right amount of accent for the character. Well, all I can do now is sit back and pray hoping that he one, becomes a villain of the character he is supposed to be a villain for, and two, that he joins Captain Cold's bunch: The Rogues


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