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Hello there, So I made this article to tell you guys that would it be cool to see a Young Justice T.V series since the animated one got cancelled. Just think about Arrow,The Flash,Teen Titans,And even Young Justice...Mind blown no well let me tell some reasons why you should be mind blowned if this T.V series does happen...

1.Crossovers with Arrow,The Flash and even Teen Titans

2.New heroes to be cast with the series like Artemis,Aqualad,Miss Martian AND they can even bring in Red Tornado HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT SOUND ! no not enough will how about Dr.Fate OHHHH MIND BLOWN HUH !!!

3.We could even get cameos from Superman Batman Wonder Woman and we wouldn't even have to worry about Green Arrow or Flash

But the bad thing would be that since Teen Titans has been confirmed that would mean the Young Justice would have to skip to the Invasion Saga when Aliens that looked like Blue Beetle showed up and stuff WHICH WOULD STILL SOUND AWESOME !! And we'll I also want to talk about why Young Justice only had 2 season I have heard some say because Cartoon Network cancelled it because the reason Young Justice ever aired was to get people to buy toys based on the show which sounds a little bit ridiculous since Young Justice was the best show ever to air next to the Teen Titans And also if this could happen it would be THE MOST VIEWED THING just trust me even look up the views and ratings for Young Justice when it was on Cartoon Network and Here's how it would work

1.Since Nightwing has been confirmed for Teen Titans then the leader of this series would be none other then Tim Drake(Robin) Leading the new brand of Young Justice Members like Blue Beetle,Wonder Girl,Bumblebee, and etc.

2.New Villans since most we know need to be in the Teen Titans like DeathStroke In Young Justice the villains that Teen Titans don't use can be out in this series Like Clayface,Klarion The Witch Boy,Felix Faust,Vandal Savage,Taskmaster and here's a never heard from villain T.O Morrow and etc

So Yea I think I made my point here a Young Justice T.V Series would be AWESOME but what do you think ....


Do you want to see a Young Justie T.V Show


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