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Warning: Huge Walking Dead spoilers for episode 7 "Crossed" coming up, proceed at your own risk

This week in [The Walking Dead](series:201193) we finally got the first episode of Season 5 that showed us all members of the group! Hurrah! While the group might not exactly be reunited, we got a good look at everyone building up for what will no doubt be an action packed mid-season finale.

While Tara, Glenn and Rosita were fishing, Carl and Michonne were protecting home base and at the same time Rick and the gang were plotting their entry into Grady Memorial. Beth meanwhile was dealing with her own problem- keeping what seems to be a very sick Carol alive.

With so many characters and quick changes in the episode there are bound to be things that you missed, so take a look at the five things you (possibly) missed in "Crossed."

1. Officer Dawn is up to something

Dawn hands Beth the drug cabinet key
Dawn hands Beth the drug cabinet key

After episode 4, I was totally prepared to go to war with Officer Dawn, but straight off the bat this episode she made a weird move - after telling an officer to get Carol's life support switched off she then backtracked and gave Beth the key to the drugs cabinet, something she didn't even trust Edwards with.

Maybe Dawn does just want to see a little humanity restored to this crazy world, or maybe her actions have other motivations. Later in the episode, when the three officers are taken hostage by Rick's group, they speak about the growing discontent among the officers over Dawn's leadership, and that they are ready to overthrow her and put Lamson in charge. While they aren't sure if Dawn knows that Lamson is up for her job, I'm willing to bet that she does and offering the key to Beth is the first step toward gaining her trust, maybe hoping that she will have her back in the event of a coup.

2. Father Gabriel still has secrets

Father Gabriel has become the most puzzling character of Season 5. While I initially thought we'd figured out his dark secret earlier in the season (locking helpless people out of the church), there's obviously something deeper, or Gabriel just can't get over his past.

There was a lot of religious iconography in this episode, specifically with Jesus being nailed to the crucifix, this even extended to the episode title, "Crossed." Perhaps the biggest nod to the religion came after Gabriel escaped from the church, crawling under the floorboards, only to immediately stand on a nail. Then to drive the crucifix theme home, he came across a walker who he impaled on a branch, right through her side, just like the holy lance.

The episode ended without us finding out Gabriel's fate, but I'd be willing to bet we'll see him limp back to the church, finally ready to accept help and learn how to survive.

3. Complacency about walkers is surely building to something big

Throughout Season 5 we've seen walkers fast going from very real threat to almost comic relief. Last week Carol and Daryl were actually relieved when a walker snuck up on them as they watched the police offers from afar, and this week Tara made some jokes about walkers being stuck on their way to the river, not even bothering to kill them until they needed to get close.

Perhaps they have reason to be treating walkers as more of a nuisance than a real threat - they're getting weaker, they've become a secondary threat compared to the living, and Bob has been the only main character to succumb to a walker bite in the season so far, and even his death wasn't for nothing when he became the tainted meat the Hunters ingested.

While I would like to think that, I still can't get away from the feeling that this is all intentional and we're going to see some very real walker carnage in the mid-season finale. The confirmation from executive producer, Greg Nicotero that there will be over 800 walkers in the episode, definitely seems to back this up, though it remains to be seen whether or not all those walkers will be present in Atlanta or if it's the hoard near Abraham's group.

4. Ricktatorship is back

Way back before the season started, Andrew Lincoln warned us that we were about to see a newer, darker Rick, and that those who stood in opposition to him would automatically go from being family to a problem.

We definitely saw a glimpse of this dark Rick when he announced his plan for taking over Grady Memorial, which was basically to storm the place and leave a trail of bodies behind him. However, Tyreese - backed by Daryl - forced Rick to try a hostage-swap scenario first, where captured officers would be traded for Beth and Carol. While Rick begrudgingly agreed to this scenario, after the last minute of the episode proved the officers weren't to be trusted, I'm sure this will be the last time Rick compromises on his plans.

5. The clocks reinforced a mid-season finale theory

We've had a lot of glimpses of clocks and watches in Season 5, and while a lot of them have referenced the current episode with the time, the most recent one could be referencing events in future episodes.

Thanks to the Spoiling Dead fans, we got some inside information that it could be Beth who dies in episode 8, the mid-season finale. However it's also been theorized that while Beth appears to die in episode 8, it's actually a cunning mid-season finale cliff hanger, and in episode 10 it's revealed that Beth is actually alive! This theory has only gained more weight with the latest clock sighting in "Crossed," in the scene with Beth and Dr. Edwards the clock in the background pointed to both eight and 10.

For more information on the theory about Beth, take a look over here,


What will we definitely see in the mid-season finale?

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