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We've had some magical innovations in video gaming over the years. Ideas like Nintendo Wii's Wiimote motion control, Microsoft's Kinect and voice activated gaming, Guitar Hero, Capcom's vertical tank simulator, Steel Battalion's 40 button, twin stick controller, and the recent reintegration of virtual reality into the gaming consciousness with Oculus Rift.

Oh. My.
Oh. My.

But Canadian entrepreneurs Brand and Grotesque (Taran Chadha and Jamie Umpherson) are seeking to take gaming innovation to a whole new level with Blood Sport, the gaming peripheral that actually takes blood from you when you are hit or hurt in-game. Wait, what?

I have a huge dislike of needles. I hate them. The way they pop underneath your skin, watching your blood fleet away from its home in a little plastic tube, the sliding out of said needle and the lightness of your head. So imagine this, added to the rage of a sub-par Call Of Duty session... it would be a very, very mixed bag of emotions, bloodshed, and swearwords!

Blood Sport uses an Arduino board to take blood and keep a digital eye on exactly how much is being taken at a time, powering down when it decides you may have had enough of the good stuff removed. Players must input their age, weight and medical conditions before starting a session to refrain from getting completely bled out. Yeesh.


The duo have gone to Kickstarter in order to get the peripheral up and running. Asking for $250,000, they intend to release "Blood Sport" to coincide with the shipping of EA's Battlefront Hardline and the subsequent media frenzy that it will cause.

If you are interested in getting bled out in the name of recreation, you won't be able to get your hands on the vampiric hardware for your personal use. The duo won't be making sales copies. They will, however, be looking into the possibility of creating "a proper two-player unit" that will be taken around Canada on a "nationwide Blood Sport tour," in order to raise awareness about the importance of giving blood.

How is he smiling about this?
How is he smiling about this?

I can imagine this would spell a significant end for killing sprees in GTA V, with the promise of flailing out on your armchair after jumping on top of a bus and laying waste to a bunch of sightseers on Vinewood Boulevard with a grenade launcher!

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