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Just when you think you've seen very Star Wars photo there is on this humble planet, someone else uncovers a gigantic hoard of new, unseen and incredibly rare images.

Take for example the new collection on display at the British Film Institute's South Bank Atrium in London. The collection, which is part of a BFI sci-fi exhibition titled Days of Fear and Wonder, includes a selection of photos from Ann Skinner's personal collection.

Skinner worked as Star Wars' continuity supervisor, meaning she often had to snap scenes in order to ensure various elements remain consistent across multiple shots. Due to this, she has a treasure trove of pictures and script pages showing the cast on set, as well deleted characters. Take a look at it all below:

Continuity photo of Luke Skywalker

Anthony Forrest as Laze Loneozner

Anthony Forrest was to play Laze a.k.a. 'Fixer,' a mechanic friend of Luke's on Tattoine. Although, his scene was cut from the original theatrical release, it was added to the latest Blu-Ray release of the first Star Wars trilogy.

Koo Stark as Camie

Similarly, Koo Stark was to play Camie, another of Luke's friends and Fixer's wife.

Garrick Hagon as Biggs Darklighter

Biggs was originally going to be a character from Tattoine which Luke wants to follow to the Academy. However, these earlier scenes were cut from the movie, although Biggs can be seen on the rebel base on Yavin later in the film.

Original Script, Page 1

In this original first page for Star Wars, we can see the iconic scrolling text prologue, and then the introduction of R2-D2 and C-3PO.

Original Script, Page 2

In this second page, we see Luke introduced, although he has his original name of Luke Starkiller.

Original Script, Page 7

In these pages, we see the deleted scene featuring Biggs, Camie, and Fixer in which they witness Princess Leia's ship being boarded by Darth Vader. A version of the scene can be seen here.

Continuity Shot of Mark Hamill and Tuskan Raiders

Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin

Paul Blake as Greedo sans mask

Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford in the trash compactor scene

Mark Hamill being attacked by the 'dianoga.'

David Prowse as Darth Vader without helmet

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia

If you are in London and want to see the remainder of the Days of Fear and Wonder collection, you can see it at The Atrium on London's South Bank from January 4th.


Do you think Star Wars' opening would have been better with this deleted scene?

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