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Now, say what you like about Ben Affleck's casting as Batman, but there are few people better suited to comment on it than an actual, factual former Batman. What's more, when it comes to the men who've played Batman, there aren't too many actors more respected, or more admired, than Christian Bale.

So, when Bale speaks out about Affleck, and his impending role as Batman, to say I'm all (bat) ears would be a pretty huge understatement.

Especially since, speaking to Empire Magazine, Bale just revealed his first reaction to hearing the news of Affleck's casting:

"I've got to admit initially, even though I felt that it was the right time to stop, there was always a bit of me going, 'Oh go on... Let's do another,'...So when I heard there was someone else doing it, there was a moment where I just stopped and stared into nothing for half an hour."
"Because I'M BATMAN."
"Because I'M BATMAN." actually a pretty natural response - and a really awesome one, considering Bale spends so much of his life surrounded by fortune, fame, and celebrity. It's heartening to know that he still has the same, seemingly irrational responses to that sort of thing that we all do.

It's just like when you've broken up with someone - and then still feel awful when you find out that they're dating someone new. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but you go through the emotional wringer all the same.

Fortunately, Bale has some pretty epic advice to add, drawn from his own experience. As he realized:

"...I'm 40. The fact that I'm jealous of someone else playing Batman...I think I should have gotten over it by now."

Which is pretty good advice for anyone to give themselves, it seems to me.

Also, buy a bat-bike.
Also, buy a bat-bike.

Especially since Bale didn't let any jealousy he may have felt get in the way of being a good person - and passed on some advice about the role to Affleck...

"I haven't spoken with Ben, but I emailed him offering bits of advice that I learned the hard way...I would imagine he is doing everything he can to avoid anything that I did."

Now, while you've got to hope that Affleck'll keep some of the awesome elements of Bale's Batman, that's still a remarkably generous and humble response.

One worthy of THE BATMAN.
One worthy of THE BATMAN.

The question remains, though: What was the advice?

Well, if Bale's interview with Access Hollywood back in November 2013 is anything go by, it went something like this:

"The only thing I said to him is look, just make sure he can take a piss without anyone having to help him because it’s a little bit humiliating when you have to have someone help you out of the costume in order to do that."

Which...must have been kind of a weird email for Affleck to wake up to...

What do you guys think, though?


Do you agree with Bale's response?

via, Empire Magazine


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