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If you are lucky enough to meet a superhero in the flesh, you definitely ask to see their superpowers in action, right? I mean, it's not everyday you meet a superhero, you have to seize the opportunity when it comes! Well that's exactly what a young boy named Nicholas thought when he was lucky enough to meet the Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo.

Ruffalo was a recent guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, when he was asked whether or not his kids' friends ever come up and ask if he's the Hulk, which is when Mark Ruffalo told the story of the cutest and funniest fan encounter ever!

Last year on a visit to his daughter's preschool class he sat coloring when a young boy named Nicholas piped up asking "are..are...are you the Hulk?"

When his daughter eagerly confirmed that he was in fact the green superhero, the next thing (naturally) that came out of the preschooler's mouth was, "can you turn into the hulk?"

Egged on by his daughter, Ruffalo started preparing himself for Hulk mode, when all of a sudden young Nicholas realized that a world of trouble was about to be unleashed, and shouted for him to stop to save the school from its inevitable destruction.

Smart kid!

Watch Mark Ruffalo tell the whole story below. And remember kids, be careful what you wish for...


What superhero would you most like to meet in real life?


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