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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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We know that Eli Roth is dreaming up some despicable holiday horror for his Grindhouse-inspired slasher Thanksgiving, but what about the real life cases of Thanksgiving murder?

Once more, real life provides more horror than the movies...

The Thanksgiving Day Killer

Location: Florida, 2009

Paul Merhige's Thanksgiving started off like any other. Three hours of family time, including a traditional dinner and a bit of a sing-song. He then fatally shot his aunt, his twin sisters - one of whom was pregnant - and his cousin's little girl, Makayla, who was only six years old. Many families suffer a bit of tension over the holiday season, but nothing of this magnitude: Mehrige reportedly orchestrated the tragic shooting to 'punish' his parents.

Chilling Fact: As he opened fire, Merhige said, 'I have been waiting 20 years to do this.'


Thanksgiving Filicide

Location: Colorado Springs, 2009

What began as a simple family argument over chores turned into a fatal shooting. Ayalis Clay Oliver, 79, allegedly killed his own son, Keith Oliver, 49, following a Thanksgiving argument.

Chilling Fact: The incident was not as spontaneous as the argument may seem: the older man purposely went upstairs to grab his .357 revolver before shooting his son in the head.


From Power Rangers to Murder

Skyler Deleon after arrest, and as a child actor
Skyler Deleon after arrest, and as a child actor

Location: Newport Beach, CA, 2004

Skylar Deleon appeared as a child actor in the Power Rangers TV show - but his actions were far from heroic. Years later, he tricked retired Thomas and Jackie Hawkes into thinking he wanted to buy their boat before taking it out on the water and extorting their bank details. He and his accomplices then tied the Hawkeses to an anchor, throwing it overboard.

Chilling Fact: The grisly crime was only spotted when Thomas and Jackie's family reported to police that the couple had missed Thanksgiving.


'Girl Meat'

Location: New York, 2012

Incredibly, Gilberto Valle was actually an NYPD officer at the time of his arrest. His wife reported him after she found reams of disturbing imagery on his computer, including women he was stalking and planning to eat. Most frighteningly, he even claimed he would have 'Girl Meat' at Thanksgiving.

Chilling Fact: Despite his sick fantasies, Valle was released in 2014 and now lives with his mother...


Twisted Vengeance in the Woods

Location: Michigan, 2009

Alison Martin (right) and her boyfriend Justin Terpstra (left) decided to take a twisted form of 'revenge' on Alison's ex-boyfriend, Brandon Silverlight (center) for an alleged sexual assault on her during their relationship.

Over the 2009 Thanksgiving period, the killer pair dragged Silverlight into the woods, where they bound, bludgeoned, and stabbed him before tying him to a tree and setting him on fire.

Chilling Fact: the coroner confirmed that Silverlight did not die from the torture inflicted upon him - he burned alive...



Which Thanksgiving killing did you find the most chilling?

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