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Now, when it comes to Star Wars-related fan art, you pretty much have me by the time you've said 'Star W-.' That being said, though, there's a pretty huge difference between good fan art, and indisputably great fan art. Aside from the skill of the artist - which, seeing as there's a pretty unbelievable number of awesome artists on the internet now, is less of a factor than you'd think - the key thing for me has always been the idea behind the art.

And, in the case of this particular piece of art, created by artist Tony Warne (a.k.a. DeviantArt's Jedi-Art-Trick), the idea is downright brilliant.


Darth Vader...As a Hero

Which, aside from the fundamental awesomeness of the image (and it sure is awesome...) is also a pretty epic idea.

It's also, of course, one inspired by an actual Star Wars comicbook from the Expanded Universe - as Warne explains, while also elaborating on the thinking behind the piece:

"This was just me really wanting to paint a redeemed (yet still alive) Darth Vader and Leia wearing a white getup like Padme wore in episode 2, just for fun. The idea came from the Star Wars Infinities Return of the Jedi comic, in which Vader is actually saved by Luke and Leia and turns away from the dark side, joining the rebellion. In the last panel, he dons a completely white suit of his armor. I thought that was a neat idea, but the white armor was a bit much. I just wanted to give a little more "sith-turned-jedi" vibe from him, while I wanted to give Leia a little more "hot-in-a-tight-white-suit" vibe."

The key thing about that Star Wars Infinities comic, which Warne was inspired by? Well, other than providing us with a glimpse of this awesomeness... was also an alternative reality, a 'what if' sort of take on Return of the Jedi - one in which Leia ends up kicking Boba Fett's ass after he steals a Carbonite-frozen Han Solo, after which she steals his ship, and heads to the Death Star (which Luke has ended up on early). There, she and Luke confront Vader, and after the (presumably contractually obligated) light-saber fight, manage to turn him back to the light side of the Force.

Which is why he's wearing the bad-ass white suit.

Now, what with this being both part of the now-jettisoned Expanded Universe, and an alternative reality within even that, there seems to be absolutely no chance of anything remotely like this cropping up in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (especially since Vader is super-dead).

That being said, though - that basic development of the Sith Lord finally turning back to the light side due to the actions of his child(ren) does sound an awful lot like the rumored ending of Episode VII - only, this time, with Luke as the tormented villain.

What do you guys think, though?


Could we see a similar switch to this in Episode VII, only with Luke?

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