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As far as casting rumors go, this one is a bit of a brain-teaser.

While discussing scoops on the last edition of the Meet The Movie Press show, The Wrap's Jeff Sneider claimed he had heard three names which were being pursued to possibly play a role in the upcoming, X-Men: Apocalypse - most likely as the villainous character himself.

Sneider refused to actually disclose the names, but he did drop a cryptic hint about one of them. He revealed:

We heard him say the word apocalypse a lot last year.

You can hear the man himself discuss the rumors below:

So Who Could It Be?

Of course, nothing gets people excited more than a challenge, so since Sneider dropped the rumor, the internet has been getting together to try and figure out who it could be.

There is certainly one popular choice for the role, while Sneider's hint has also revealed some extremely left-field - and almost certainly incorrect - choices.

The Probable Choice: Idris Elba

The obvious choice appears to be the Pacific Rim and Thor: A Dark World star, Idris Elba.

Last year saw the release of Guillermo del Toro's monsters vs robots smash-athon, Pacific Rim. In that movie, Elba delivers a rousing speech in which he claims humanity's defenders were going to "cancel the apocalypse".

Sure, he only actually says the word once, but this scene featured prominently in the trailer for Pacific Rim and thus it was heard over and over again during its marketing period. Furthermore, it was one of the most iconic scenes of the movie.

Not only does Elba seem the most likely in relation to Sneider's hint, but Elba certainly has the physique and action skills required to play Apocalypse or another comicbook role.

However, there is one problem: that pesky contract with Marvel. Currently, its assumed Elba is still onboard to play Heimdall in future chapters of the Thor franchise, which raises the question of whether he'd be allowed to play a character in FOX's comicbook franchise. This is unclear, but it is true other actors, such as Halle Berry, Ryan Reynolds and even Elba himself (in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), have appeared in comicbook movies by multiple studios.

The More Unlikely Choice: One of These Guys

To be honest, now the whole 'disaster movie' craze has died down, there weren't many movies last year which were actually about an apocalypse. One movie which was about the end of the world, however, was Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's This Is The End.

The movie, which was about a 'biblical apocalypse', did feature a few usages of the word - especially by Jay Baruchel and a possessed Jonah Hill. Could any of these guys be in X-Men: Apocalypse or perhaps even play the big baddie himself? Although it seems unlikely, we shouldn't forget several of the This Is The End bunch do have experience in comicbook movies, while even Jay Baruchel was once going to play the villainous Maxwell Lord in the cancelled Justice League: Mortal.

The Definitely Not A Choice: Glenn Beck

Now, I can't exactly say I'm an avid listener of Glenn Beck's radio show, but from what I've heard, the conservative pundit has been blabbering on about the impending apocalypse since about 2010 - when, complete coincidently, he was also trying to shill his own apocalypse survival kits.

Presumably, he's still going on about it today, so perhaps Sneider was referring to him? Could he be appearing in X-Men: Apocalypse? I'd love to see the bookies odds on that.

Who else do you think could play the titular bad guy in X-Men: Apocalypse?


Who do you think this cryptic Apocalypse clue could refer to?

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