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The Walking Dead's Chad L. Coleman has just grabbed a new job, which is good news for Chad L. Coleman but might not be for fans of his Walking Dead character, Tyreese.

Coleman has snapped up a role in Syfy's upcoming scifi series, The Expanse. He will play Fred Johnson, a former marine caught up in a power struggle between Earth and Mars. He will be joined by Thomas Jane, Steven Strait, Kristin Hager, Shawn Doyle and Jared Harris in the 10 part series based on the bestselling book series by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck.

So why is this bad news for Tyreese fans? Well, The Walking Dead has a rather tight filming schedule which doesn't leave cast members much time for extra-curricular activities. So the speculation is that Coleman has grabbed a new job because his character isn't going to hang around in the AMC series for much longer. Basically, it's looking possible Tyreese is going to die.

There is some precedent for this as David Morrissey took a new show shortly before the Governor met his demise. However, rumors suggesting Morgan would also die after Lennie James joined Low Winter Sun did not turn out to be true. Although, James is not a regular Walking Dead cast member and until season 5 has only appeared in a handful of episodes.

The Tyreese rumors are also further compounded by the fact The Walking Dead fan snooping page, The Spoiling Dead, hasn't seen Coleman on set for much of the latter half of season 5. Added to this were rumors that previous members of the cast, such as Scott Wilson, had been spotted on set. This fueled speculation the cast and crew had held one of their traditional 'death dinners' - an event which marks the leaving of one of their main cast members.

Furthermore, Tyreese's has already long out-lived his comicbook version of the character, with his grisly death being passed onto Hershel instead. With this in mind, many fans have always thought Tyreese was on borrowed time. Although, having that said, the television series doesn't necessarily follow the chronology or events of the comics.

Of course, this is just pure speculation. It is also possible his role in The Expanse is relatively minor, meaning he filmed his scenes while on a break from The Walking Dead.


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