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Fans of the glorious '90s illustrations that graced our childhood Goosebumps books will be pleased to see that the movie's spooks and monsters are sticking to a similar vein!

Newly released pictures of the various ghouls show that, instead of going for the outright scary, Rob Letterman has opted for a variety of theatrical beasts that all have a certain amount of camp humor about them.

So, without further ado, let's meet the monsters we have in store for us below.

Mystic Menace

Black, flaming eyeballs are generally not something I look for in a benevolent fortune teller, to be honest.


Shiver Me Timbers

There better be something seriously scary under that eyepatch, because I've seen spookier villains in a fairy story.


Clowing Around

His face might be horrific, but his halitosis is so much worse.



I think you should get the fungal nail infection checked out immediately, buddy.


I'm Guessing He Ain't No Doll...

Please don't make this one a real boy!



I'm pretty sure this is more than a mere carving.


The Axed Executioner

Anyone else getting a hint of 'Horrible History' from this one?


Mummy Problems

Looking at this guys face, I guess it's a hard life being a Mummy.



Is this a zombie or the village idiot? I'm finding it hard to differentiate!



This dude looks like an awesome prop for a '70s metal band... in the best possible way.


The images above have all been gleaned from the official website for the upcoming [Goosebumps](movie:896669) movie and are part of a meme contest to drum up fan interaction.

If you want to create your own memes, you can submit your entries HERE.


Do you like the look of the monsters from the Goosebumps movie?

(Source: via Goosebumps Movie)


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