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While there are many shows that do holiday specials, [The Walking Dead](series:201193) is not one of them. In fact, if there's one way to make you more depressed during a zombie apocalypse it's probably realizing that it's the holiday season.

But just because Rick and the gang won't be celebrating Christmas it doesn't mean you can't, and AMC is inviting fans of The Walking Dead to "survive the holidays" with a whole bunch of cool Walking Dead Christmas decorations!

Prices for the items start at $15 and cap out at $75, so there's something for all budgets!

Take a look at some of The Walking Dead goodies Santa could be bringing you this Christmas:


Deck the halls with Daryl Dixon

Nobody crosses Daryl Dixon and gets away with it, even Santa.


Light them up with this walker light set

I hope you've got the generator working to power these awesome walker themed christmas lights!


No one else would dare 'claim' this stocking

Let this bad ass walker killer protect your christmas gifts.


Let these three help you survive the holidays

For only $14.99, Rick, Michonne and Daryl could be hanging at your place for Christmas!


Michonne's pet is one tough nut to crack

Why buy a zombie themed nutcracker? Why not?!


Or why not just get the whole jolly lot?

Why not just splurge and buy the whole bunch? Create a little Walking Dead sanctuary of your own.



Would you buy Walking Dead themed Christmas decorations?

Source: Comicbook, AMC


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