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Ian Somerhalder has been waving a 'human heart' around on Instagram, but thankfully the accompanying message from the altruistic star was nothing to go with grisly blood sacrifice!

Instead, Ian Somerhalder used the eye-catching image to capture fans attention and encourage them to do a little something to make the world a better place today.

The full caption from the hunky Vampire Diaries reads:

Good morning... Have a heart today? Adopt a creature that needs a great home, smile at someone, go to and help me make our world better with ISF? No matter what you do today, please please please try not to let an upcoming holiday season stress you out. News and advertisements geared to make you feel inadequate if you don't buy the right gifts with the proper wrapping paper at the right price diminish what should be time off with family-time to recoup from the insanity of our 21st century daily grind-whether it's school or the office.Time spent together and love is far more valuable than something that comes in a box that you had to fight over in a line. Young ones, I hope you see the value of want vs need and of not stressing your already-stressed parents to buy things you simply don't need- parents I hope you can make time for your little ones. I'm Looking down at our world from 30,000ft and hoping that everyone finds happiness in some way this beautiful Saturday...

You've got to love Ian for even managing to turn a violent scene from the CW series into something positive!

I don't know how he keeps it up, but I'm glad he does!


Do you try to do a positive deed everyday like Ian?

(Source: Celebuzz!)


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