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Note: If you haven't seen Firefly, and especially Serenity, then there are major SPOILERS below. Also, if so, why are you not watching them right now?

OK, Browncoats - get ready for some serious (but unmissable) sadness.

And, when I say get ready, I really do mean it, because there are two seconds of Firefly-related awesomeness coming your way - but they're of the heart-wrenching, tear-inducing variety.

Specifically, they involve Wash and Zoë, and anybody who's seen Serenity knows that there's nothing down that path but tears and sadness. And yet, artist Stephen Byrne went down it anyway...

Cue: I'm over-emotional again.

I mean, honestly... WHY, JOSS, WHY?


Sorry about that, gang - just a brief 2005 flashback there...

Not that I'm holding a grudge, or anything...
Not that I'm holding a grudge, or anything...

On a lighter note - and there has to be one, right? - that there two seconds of heartbreaking animation is a beautiful thing, for two reasons.

1) It's awesomely done, and Firefly-related.


2) It's part of the opening scene of a larger project by Byrne called The Animated Adventures Of Firefly - and yes, that does seem to be exactly what it sounds like it is.

Which sounds...AWESOME.

I'm still not done mourning, though...

What do you guys think?


Loving the two seconds of animated Firefly?

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