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Miley Cyrus painted the town neon to celebrate her 22nd birthday, and by the early hours of the morning she was topless while doing it, because of course she was!

Proving she has what it takes to be every student union's dream party organizer, Miley threw a few essential ingredients together to ensure the night went off with a bang - including a giant, bucking dildo and a cake, disguised as a pizza, disguised as an oversized trash can lid.

So, down a couple of shots to gain some much needed Dutch courage and follow me into the debauched world that is 'Miley's Happy Land.'

I think I know the way out...

Magic Dildo Ride

Miley has managed to compress her Redneck roots and new-found image into one beautiful item. Ride 'em cowgirl!


Cake Envy

I'd prefer it if this was a straight up pizza, but we all know Miley can't resist a bit of whipped cream.


Ladies Who Lunch

Such sophistication!


NSFW... Or Anywhere, Really

She just bein' Miley.


Attending Miley's Happy Land is my own personal...

(Source: Gossip Cop via Instagram)


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