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If you've never heard of a speedrun, then strap yourself in because you're first experience is going to be a good one!

A speedrun is a complete run through of a video game or movie, done in the quickest time possible. YouTubers 1A4STUDIO have an awesome series where they have recreated 15 movies as animated speedruns to explain the entire plot in just 60 seconds, seem crazy? Check out their latest effort, the 1996 crime comedy drama, Trainspotting:

They set the scene with a bar fight

Followed by Renton going home with 15-year-old Diane

Renton going through withdrawal and having hallucinations

The group celebrating their drug deal when Begbie glasses a man

Finally, Renton leaving with the money to start his new life

Watch the whole thing here:


Which movie would you like to see a speedrun of?

Source: Geek Tyrant


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