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Randy 'Jour Knottkoule' Vann

I wonder why nobody has even considered writing about this?...

Has anyone actually seen where Joss Whedon has said a character will die? I don't recall this but I can be and have been wrong before (all married men know this to be true, "you can be right or you can be happy..." LOL). What I remember is a very careful wording by the aforementioned Mr. Whedon when prodded about the general plot of the film, "Death, Death, and more Death". This was during a Q&A at the Carlton Cinema in Dublin, Feb 23, 2013

I have been thinking and it all makes sense (to me anyway)... With Ultron creating so much destruction and death (civilian) it only make sense that it would catch the attention of Death herself. Revealing Death this way would introduce her without needing a complete backstory but only a 2 min story by Thor (or similar) about the beginning of the universe and such. And oh yeah, about Death, she is the reason Thanos does anything, specifically the Infinity War...

Just my thoughts...

What are yours?


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