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So last year, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods introduced to us the concept of not only the Super Saiyan God, but of there being several other Gods in several other universes within "Dragon Ball." What the heck does that mean?

Well it gives Goku more times to transform, basically.

Still, I really liked "Battle of Gods." It was a nice return to DBZ after a long time of either having to watch Kai or GT on television. While Kai is nice, it seems to lack the filler-humor of DBZ, which was present in "Battle of Gods."

The creators over in Japan had previously announced they wanted to make more DBZ movies last year following "Battle of Gods," so it came as no surprise that our next flick would come out spring of 2015. What was a surprise was this initial promotional poster. It features not only Bills and Weiss, not only Frieza, but most shocking of all: Krillin is bald again!

I wonder if this means his relationship with 18 is in jeopardy.

I don't really want this to really be a "poster breakdown" but that might be what it becomes. The early synopsis of the movie is basically that two of Frieza's henchmen have gathered the Dragon Balls and have resurrected their former Lord in the worst wish possible. And it also seems that this will be a (possibly direct) sequel to "Battle of Gods," as Bills and Weiss are shown in the poster.

It makes me wonder, though, when and where this wish was made. It could be that these two henchmen recovered the Dragon Balls on Earth following their scattering in "Battle of Gods," which means that Frieza would be running around for some time now (as this movie, I believe, is meant to be set three years following "Battle of Gods). Or, could it be that these two henchmen found the Namekian Dragon Balls?

It would be a little silly if they made this wish on Earth. After all, how would the Z-Warriors not notice the Dragon Balls go missing again? The Dragon Radar would pick up the fact that they've all been gathered and then they could just send Goku to deal with it through Instant Transmission. Plus, it would be interesting to see Namek again after such a long time. Heck, maybe the movie will take place on Namek, just as a sweet throwback to when Frieza was introduced and heavily featured.

But let's dig into the curious parts of the poster. Goku and Vegeta seem to be almost distinctly separated, almost as if on purpose. Goku is standing alongside Bills and Weiss, while Vegeta is with Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin. At first, I just figured they did this since those two have the biggest beefs with Frieza--because, you know, Frieza blew up their planet and tried to kill them both.

Yet I think that Goku is going to start the movie like he did in "Battle of Gods:" he's going to be training. Bills is supposed to be asleep during the break between movies and so perhaps Goku, having been told Weiss is stronger, goes to him and asks for some training, maybe even some help in maintaining the Super Saiyan God form. It's interesting that he isn't shown in a Super Saiyan form of any kind at all in the promo, when it seems like he should have been. Another thing that makes me think Goku is training is the logo on his shirt. Instead of the usual one, this is a brand new logo that could be provided by Weiss to show who he is now training under. King Kai did the same thing when Goku first went to train with him to fight Vegeta and Nappa.

Vegeta, on the other hand, is probably the default "leader" of the Earth Z-Warriors and is going to be training nonstop to maintain that brief surge of power he had in which he surpassed Goku in strength. Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta, maybe? It'd certainly be cool. And if he gets wind that Frieza is back, perhaps that's why Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin are shown. Again, maybe they have to go back to planet Namek and those four are the main line of defense against Frieza.

Frieza himself being in the middle obviously hordes all of the attention but also all the curiosity. Normally, Frieza has a light-purple aura around him. This one is the spitting image of the aura of a Super Saiyan God. So, if this is true, then the "worst wish possible" could be that Frieza's henchmen either wished for Frieza to be the strongest being in the universe (which would make him surpass even Weiss) or that they wished for him to perhaps steal the power of a Super Saiyan God, and thus Frieza obtains the aura.

What could be potentially interesting is if they wish for Frieza to become a God of Death. Like how the Super Saiyans have their own myth about a God, perhaps Frieza's race, or something, has a myth about a God of Death that will rise from the dead and reign down destruction again. Frieza is, undoubtedly, in some sort of God form here and whether or not he has this power throughout the movie has yet to be seen (duh). I think he will, especially considering the power-gap that's form since he was sliced in pieces and disintegrated by Trunks. Super Saiyan 3 Goku just has to probably look at Frieza and he's dead.

Then again, the people in Hell have been shown to be training, so maybe he's paired up with Cell and Babadi or something and has been getting stronger. I don't think we'll see much else in terms of Frieza's armies (though maybe a quick shot of Zarbon and Dodoria would be humorous at least) and I think his henchmen will serve as much to the plot as Emperor Pilaf did in "Battle of Gods." Though it sounds like they'll have planned out this wish for a while, considering how long it's been since Frieza died. Probably around, what, ten or fifteen years?

Jeez. Talk about holding a grudge.

I think this movie has just as much potential, if not a lot more, to be as good a movie as "Battle of Gods." It'll definitely hold a nostalgia factor of seeing Frieza square off against Goku and Vegeta and will maybe even see Vegeta defeat Frieza. As much as I think Goku will come up victorious, it is Vegeta's turn to become a God, and he has to kill Frieza. He basically lived his entire life for that one goal and then Goku--and his son--stole it from him. It would be sweet if Vegeta got the kill, but, we'll see.


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