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Now, I have taken the time to go through Filmation and its humble beginnings, but the 1980's were where this animation studio began to shine. Every afternoon after school, every kid in America was treated to some of the best cartoons that could ever be had. EVEN WHEN IT WASN'T SATURDAY MORNING!

I want to thank a fellow contributor who reminded me as I almost forgot about one of the instant classics that should have made this list, but I hadn't quite gotten that far yet. But, I always appreciate the subtle hints anyway since with information like this, I want to make sure to be as complete and thorough as ever as not to insult the other toonatics like myself that read my articles.

So, now we move forward into the eighties, the time when most people remember Filmation the most, and get into the real guts of what made this animation studio so great!

1) The Tom and Jerry Comedy Hour (1980, CBS and co-managed through MGM Studios)

Tom and Jerry at this time was allowed to keep its integrity intact before all the new laws concerning cartooon violence.

2) The Tarzan/ Lone Ranger Adventure Hour (1980-1981 CBS)

Filmation really gave these classic heroes the star treatment with this series, and it was one to me that took all three and really gave them so clas and great fun.

3) Blackstar (1981 CBS)

I call this series 'the Native American He-Man', as I have noticed that Filmation will make a character out of just about anyone. I was SO APPRECIATIVE of this as being of Native American heritage myself (one-half), it was so nice to see my heritage honored in such a way.......

4) Hero High (1981 NBC)

This classic somedy series about a secret high school where superheroes go into training was a lot of fun, and later was incorporated into another show 'The Kids Super Power Hour w/ Shazam!' in the same year. Think Disney's 'Sky High' with Kurt Russell before they came up with their own take.....

5) The Kids Super Power Hour w/ Shazam! (1981 NBC)


6) The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Hour (1981-1982 CBS)

Move over, Antonio! I would love to try to see you do this in animation today!

7) Gilligan's Planet (1982 CBS)

A lot of my fellow toonatics really DOWNED this cartoon that they thought up, but I absolutely LOVED it despite the fact that it was a spin-off from an actual show.....

8) He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983-1985 Syndication)

By far, Filmation's most successful series, and probably the one that is the most remembered by those of us who remember it the best..... big thanks to those who reminded me!

9) The Adventures of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (1984-1985 Syndication)

In 1984, Filmation re-released the Fat Albert series with new advetures, along with a brand new hero that the Cosby Kids go into: Legal Eagle! It did not last as long, but it was still a lot of fun.......

10) She-Ra: Princess of Power (1985-1987 Syndication)

Okay, they had He-Man for the boys, so why not introduce a female counterpart in the form of Prince Adam's sister, Princess Allora who became She-Ra?

11) Ghostbusters (1986-1988 Syndicated)

'The Real Ghostbusters' to me took it a little too seriously.. In this spinoff series created by the same company that brough you the live-action 'The Ghost Busters' in the seventies, Jake Kong, Eddie Spencer, and Tracey, the same gorilla from the original series, comes to the rescue and help the sons of his former employers as they battle Prime Evil and his horde of supernatural spooks...... one of my personal all-time favs from this company. Watched it every day, even SUNDAY!

12) Bravestarr (1987-1989 Syndication)

Science fiction and westerns mix... and VERY WELL.... with Marshall Bravestarr taking on Tex Hex and his band of intergalactic outlaws!

As the reader can see, Filmation came an even longer way in this ers, as they had established themselves quite well in the earlier eras. But, what if they did feature films? Believe it or not, they actually did! In the next installment of this tribute, we will get into those esame projects as we bring to a close an era in animation that will not be soon forgotten......

But, before I close, what kinds of shows did you like from this company? Was it earlier or later? I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW! Just leave your comments below!


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