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You may have heard the news that the next gen GTA V has a secret murder mystery caper for you to indulge in, with a sweet little prize waiting for those who complete it.

For players returning to the game, meaning those who had the last gen version, this incredibly difficult mission isn't actually pointed out in-game, you simply come across it if you have the eyes of an eagle!

Playing as Michael (and only Michael I'm afraid), you have to scour Los Santos for four clues into a murder that is centered around the film industry in town. The clues are all eerily scratched into the walls of a few buildings around town.

Completing the mystery gives you the option of playing GTA V in two noirish filters, one black and white and one a sepia tone.

Interested? Well you've come to the right place, gamer. Alright then, let's solve this case!

First Clue - West Vinewood: The Gentry Manor Hotel

The first clue to this mystery was the image below, released by Rockstar on October 28th. If you look carefully, you can see the words "OLD FRED ACTS NICE, BUT IT AIN'T SO" emblazoned on the wall in between the lamp and the bush.

Can you see it yet?
Can you see it yet?

This can be found when walking east on The Gentry Manor Hotel property. Remember to bare in mind the archway, just in case you get lost.

The hotel is located here on the map below.

Second Clue - Downtown Vinewood: Oriental Theater

Arrive at Oriental Theater, walk into its courtyard and head left (westward) when looking directly at it.

Behind some palm trees you will find the next message: "AIN'T NO MYSTERY, THEY DROWNED HER BECAUSE OF WHAT SHE KNEW!"

By here...

Here's the location on the map.

Third Clue - Alta: City Hall

The third clue can be found in an alcove at the back of City Hall.


Here's the location on the map...

Fourth Clue - Vinewood Hills: Galileo Observatory

This clue can be found on the south side, lower level of the Observatory.

This message simply reads, "DAVID RICHARDS KNOWS."

An Underwater Corpse

Getting close people, how's it feeling? Home stretch now.

Off the western coast, near Fort Zancudo, is where you can find the missing body of the woman alluded to in the carvings. Get your scuba gear and get swimming! Might be quicker to use a submarine though.

Here's where she sleeps.

To Richard's Majestic

(Warning: it is required that the mission entitled Meltdown be completed before this act is possible)

The running around will soon come to a halt with the discovery of a letter upon Solomon Richard's desk.

Come to the office after 9pm, read the letter and learn the dark secret that resides within a mine in the hills.

Here's the location on the map, just in case...

The Mine

Head towards Great Chaparral to locate the mine. Feel free to take an explosive to the doors of the mine, that's the only way you'll be getting in!

Inside you'll find a cadaver dressed in an old '40s styled suit. Next to him lies an old film canister.

Here's the map location...


You have unlocked the noir filter! Congrats!

I hope you found the walkthrough helpful. Stay tuned for more hints, tips and cheeky easter eggs coming at you from the world of games. Until then, take it easy!


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