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Robin Williams' death back in August was a shock to us all. It sparked conversations about mental health issues and how treatment and understanding of it need to be more of a priority. It made us all re-watch the classics Robin put out over the years. It affected many who never actually even met the magnificent man. He had that special something - as a fan, it seemed like you knew him - but how are those who actually knew him best handling this situation? Robin Williams' 31-year-old son Zak, while attending the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation fundraising gala in New York on Thursday, fielded an interview with Entertainment Tonight and updated the public on his family’s progress.

It was a comfortable and family-like setting for Zak. Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve were both very good friends, from the time they met as roommates at Julliard to Reeve even later becoming Zak's godfather. The two obviously suffered a tremendous deal in life - Robin from depression and substance abuse and Christopher from a freak equestrian accident that left him as a quadriplegic for a long portion of his life.

When asked about how the family was holding up, an emotional Zak was quoted as saying:

"We're doing okay. We're working hard to build our strength and acclimating to the new normal. A large part of what we're doing through this grieving process is giving and spending time focusing on others."

He went on to speak about Christopher and Robin's relationship:

“What I noticed most from the time they spent together is their deep love for one another. They were like brothers. These were two best friends that became family.”

He added:

“The amazing thing about their relationship was their incredible drive to take the time to love to help and to appreciate others even while they found themselves in great pain.”

Beautiful words from Zak, and I wish his family all the best. I'm sure they'll stay strong during this incomprehensible, tough time.


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