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Just recently we had the teaser for the upcoming trailer of Jurassic World and its getting me back into the theme of dinosaurs. But ever since the news was officially confirmed that a fourth instalment was on the way I have had mixed feelings. I've actually been wanting a fourth Jurassic Park movie for a while now and the fact its actually happening gets me really excited. But yet Im also worried about it.

Jurassic World concept art
Jurassic World concept art


Now this movie should financially be a success, but will it be a success with us fans. I remember Director Colin Trevorrow saying a while back that this movie will be made for the new generation so of course you have to accept that things will be different. Whether us fans of the original will appreciate it, that'll mean waiting to see what the movie will actually look like. One of my main worries with this movie is the synopsis that was leaked which could already mean I might not like the story. Im hoping I will but you know, with the park being under control and becoming a holiday attraction Im a little worried about the way the worlds become since the previous movies. Another thing is the visuals. Despite there being a lot of CGI in the previous movies they had a more realistic tone with the animatronic dinosaurs. The T-Rex and the Spino were frighteningly realistic if you ask me. I know they have brought back some of the animatronic work when it comes to the dinosaurs but a lot more of it will be CGI in this movie. Its kind of difficult for me to explain why this movie could fail manly because we haven't seen anything of it. Apart that short teaser which wasn't enough to go on. Im skeptical on the story as it could end up just being like the first movie but with a more modern appeal. But then were just gonna have to wait and see.


Despite this movie could be a disaster I am really looking forward to it. And that is simply because Jurassic Park has been the only decent dinosaur movie. The sequels although not as good as the first were still ok movies to watch. But apart from Jurassic Park I can't name any other decent dinosaur movies. The first Jurassic Park still stands as my all time favourite movie and I really want to see another decent dinosaur movie. If this movie can attract the new generation of movie fans as well as the ones that liked the original Im sure this can be a fantastic film. Im also really interested in seeing some new dinosaurs. But there's always that chance which has happened with other franchises where the third or fourth movie epically fails.

I can't really say anything else about this movie until the trailer is released at the end of the week. But Im just hoping Jurassic World won't fail like some franchise movies have. Wouldn't want Jurassic Park to end like Indiana Jones did, even though their trying to get a fifth one going.

So what do think, could [Jurassic World](movie:32752) be a big surprise or could we be wanting to wipe our memories after witnessing it?


Will you be checking out Jurassic World when it hits theatres?


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