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I am obviously excited about the 10 movies that DC is releasing from 2016 - 2020 because it shows just how strong WB/DC are as a team. Unlike Marvel Studios, all of the characters that DC has are fair game for onscreen appearances. So, now that we know what movies DC for sure has coming out, come check some of my thoughts on other DC characters that deserve a big screen interpretation.

1. Batgirl

We know that Batman is well into his career right from the get-go in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. This, in my opinion, is so exciting because it means he could have had all of his previous sidekicks like Robin, Nightwing, and yes...Batgirl. I think Batgirl is an incredible character with a lot of potential and she's been through a lot. The fact that she is the Commissioner's daughter and goes around risking her life to help rid Gotham of crime without him ever knowing is fun for me. It's almost Spider-Man-esque the way she hides her identity from her one guardian. So here are some things I'd like to see in a Batgirl movie and why:

  • First and foremost, you have to cast the right girl who is young, pretty, smart, and spunky. And if you can make it happen, cast someone who can look like the comic book counterpart. In this case, I think I've found the perfect girl: Anna Kendrick is a great actress and has really come along way, especially since her break-out role in Twilight. But she's definitely her own kind of star and I think she seems down-to-earth enough to pull off a very good Barbara Gordon.
  • I'd like to see cameos of Ben Affleck's Batman, or maybe flashbacks from when she first started as Batgirl, but I would mostly like to see her be the star of her own film. She is a strong enough character with enough fans behind her, and she's been carrying her own comic book for 3 years now since the New 52 started (and several years before that, but that wasn't always the Barbara Gordon version).
  • This would provide DC with another female led role which seems to be a common request from fans and audiences to diversify our options of superhero movies.

2. Deathstroke

Deathstroke may have been lesser known to general audiences, but he's been a fan-favorite for a very long time. But with the growing success of TV shows like Arrow which featured Deathstroke in a great way, and video games like Batman: Arkham Origins and Injustice: Gods Among Us, general audiences have become quite familiar with the character. He's a force to be reckoned with and has become a very prominent character in DC comics, even getting his own series in the New 52 (after his cancelled book from 2011-2012). Here's what I'd like to see in a Deathstroke movie:

  • Once again, we start off with casting (as we will with every other movie on my list) and I think Stephen Lang would play a fantastic Deathstroke. Google the man and place an eye patch on him and shave the sides of his face, but leave the goatee. He looks like Slade Wilson! He's also a good actor and showed a very fierce side in his role in Avatar. Take that ferocity, add a dash of Batman-ness, a sword, and a whole bunch of guns, and you've got Deathstroke.
  • I would like to see him potentially cameo (or star but I doubt that) in the Suicide Squad movie in 2016. But I'd like to have him be very much connected to the DC universe and I'd like that to be obvious, maybe he could make a few references to his previous battles with other heroes (maybe Batman...maybe Teen Titans).
  • Maybe this could be a good introduction leading to a Teen Titans movie. When has that been done before? Using a villain to star in his own movie to become the main antagonist in a team film? That'd be cool.

3. Green Arrow

Green Arrow, like Deathstroke, has become a very popular name even among general audiences. A lot of effort seems to be really going into his character and for good reason: He's interesting. Now there were a lot of rumors and talk about whether DC's Cinematic Universe needs or is going to exist alongside of CW's popular show, Arrow. Well, I don't want to see that, and thankfully I don't think I have to (I love Arrow don't get me wrong). Here's what I'd like to see in a Green Arrow focused movie:

  • Orlando Bloom as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. I know many of you readers will throw hands in the air and tell me it's a terrible idea because some people just view Bloom as a pretty boy, but I think he is a fantastic actor. He was great in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Troy, and Kingdom of Heaven, and I'd argue in his case for at least the first Pirates of the Caribbean. He's got the age I feel is appropriate (he was rumored to be Batman at one point) to coincide with Ben Affleck's Batman. For those of you who do not know, Green Arrow plays a pivotal part in The Dark Knight Returns during the fight between Superman and Batman.
  • I'd like to see a more light-hearted Green Arrow. Not in the sense that he's overly jokey or anything like that - they can still keep the humor of the film realistic and filled with winks to the camera type humor - but a Green Arrow who is comfortable with himself and confident in both his ability as a billionaire playboy and as the emerald archer.
  • Arrow pretty much covers the origin of Green Arrow, so I'd like to see them stray away from that as much as possible, just as a means of easily differentiating between the movie and the show.

4. Hawkman and Hawkgirl

To be completely honest, I never read much of Hawkman or Hawkgirl, but I read a portion of their story in the Brightest Day storyline that DC had a few years back and it was amazing. I was intrigued by these two characters. I know that Hawkman at one point in time was his own character and that Hawkgirl also had a period where she flew solo or was simply a replacement to Hawkman on the animated Justice League show. Frankly, you hear more about Hawkgirl than you hear about Hawkman these days, as she was the one featured in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Hawkman had his own comic starting in the New 52 but it didn't last. But I don't understand why they don't put these two characters together as a team in the comics and I would be there because the story of how they're eternal lovers being reborn in different ages and the strength they represent together is pretty great. There is something to work with for sure. But we're not talking about comics, we're talking movies. So here it goes:

  • Cast Richard Armitage in the role of Hawkman. Hawkman is a very ferocious character from what I read. The Thangarians are a very barbaric people and I think, after watching Richard Armitage play Thorin Oakenshield, he's definitely got a regal but ferocious presence, if he so chooses.
  • Along with casting Richard Armitage as Hawkman for his ferocious presence, I'd also cast Kate Beckinsale to co-star as Hawkgirl. Kate Beckinsale, for a long time, was many fanboys' choice for Wonder Woman and I think that that wasn't a bad cast, but seeing as the role went to Gal Gadot, I'd be okay seeing Kate Beckinsale gracing the DC Universe with huge hawk wings and a mace made of Nth metal.
  • The story that these two have could be very fun to watch on screen as we could see these two cast members in different time periods but with the same power. The reincarnation would be very fun to watch especially if they got very extreme with it.
  • I would maybe even like to see some sort of interaction between the Thangarians and the Kryptonians of old, seeing as the Thangarians were mentioned in the [Man of Steel](movie:15593) prequel comic as being barbaric.

5. Justice League Dark

Rumored for a while now and supposedly being written and directed by none other than Guillermo del Toro, the scribe who gave us the Hellboy movies, Pacific Rim, and Pan's Labyrinth (my personal favorite of his), but for some reason is not mentioned in the DC lineup of movies for that 2016-2020 time frame. I know del Toro has a lot on his plate and is a very busy man, so maybe that's why, maybe this will be a post-2020 film. Assuming that it will be, let's talk about the movie and what I'd like to see:

Brace yourselves, we're about to get cast-happy.

  • Sam Rockwell for John Constantine. You might think, "He's already been Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2," and to that I'd say that his role was very small, and aside from his brief appearance in one of the Marvel one-shots, we probably won't ever see him again. You also might say, "He's American and John Constantine is British." And to that I'd say that Henry Cavill is British and Superman's American and that worked. Sam Rockwell is an amazing actor and I'm sure he could pull off the grungy Brit that John Constantine is.
  • Next up would be Zooey Deschanel as Zatanna. Mostly, Deschanel is known for her quirky comedies and bubbly demeanor, but she has a dramatic side to her, as I recently discovered (and somehow should have noticed) in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. There was no bubbly quirkiness coming from her then, and she also played a serious role in The Happening, but we won't talk about that movie. She definitely looks like Zatanna and I believe, if she wanted, she could pull off the somewhat dark magician act.
  • I've also cast Kevin Durand in the role of Swamp Thing. I love Swamp Thing and think he is a tremendous character. I haven't read much more than what Scott Snyder had been writing for him in the New 52 but that was enough to make me fall in love with the character. The reason I chose Kevin Durand is because he's a great actor who transcends, I believe, what people may initially think of him. He actually seems like a very intelligent man (check one for Swamp Thing's character), he's kind of got that Southern flare to his characters he plays (check two for Swamp Thing), and he's a huge man that would be very comfortable, in my opinion, doing the motion capture sequences for Swamp Thing (check three).
  • Next up is Luke Evans as the Demon Etrigan. I'm not huge on demons, I'm actually not cool with them at all. But in cases like Ghost Rider and stuff I make an exception so long as it strays away from my personal demonic experiences (that's a whole other topic) and so I don't know how deep Etrigan gets into real demonology and that kind of stuff. But I cast Luke Evans because to me, he looks like Jason Blood and he too is a great actor and I'm sure that he as well could do motion capture for Etrigan very easily.
  • Lastly, I cast Daniel Radcliffe in the role of Deadman. Deadman, from what I read in the Justice League Dark books had a sort of cocky vibe to him or at least did when he was living. When I read that, I pictured someone younger maybe playing the role but someone who could get into the darkness that is there. Radcliffe is perfect in my opinion and definitely has a dark side which is evident from his choices of movies from Harry Potter to The Woman in Black to Horns (which I refuse to see for obvious reasons).
  • But I'd like to see this movie in a way that really could bring these characters together to fight a threat of great power on a spiritual front and on a physical front. I want to see Constantine making snarky remarks as he fights beings from the spiritual plane, I want to see a bunch of Zatanna using her backwords speech to cast spells, I definitely want to see Swamp Thing fight, etc. These characters are rich with story that needs to be tapped into on film.

6. Lobo

Lobo's been in talks to have his own movie since before Man of Steel was confirmed and it was supposedly the Dwayne Johnson who was going to play him. Then it was rumored that Lobo would have a cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (back when it was called Batman vs Superman) and it was going to be Jason Momoa playing the part. All of these rumors have been flushed down the toilet so far. But if there is one thing that needs to happen, it's a Lobo movie. Originally created to be DC's answer to Wolverine, he's sort of become DC's Deadpool (graphic and humorous). So let's look at what I'd like to see in a Lobo film.

  • Gritty, the movie has got to be gritty. I want to see exactly how they can make Lobo, a dirtbag space biker bounty hunter feel gritty. A lot of times you get into sci-fi and things lose their grit. But that doesn't mean it can't work. I think Lobo would be a great addition to spice things up by simply existing in the DCCU without necessarily ever having to interact with any of the other charcters (much). But he's carried his own solo book long ago and now he's got his own solo book again (although much different from the true, masculine, main man we know). Lobo's been in need of his movie, I think it would definitely have to be after all the DCCU stuff though for sure.
  • As far as casting goes, I have no idea. I leaned towards Jeffrey Dean Morgan but then backed down because it didn't feel right. If they were to hire someone to play Lobo who would you choose? Specify in the comments below.

7. Nightwing

Nightwing has been a fan favorite from the moment of his conception as a character; back in the days when his suit was black, blue, and yellow. Something about seeing little Dick Grayson all grown up and running his own superhero operation in Bludhaven is just encouraging. Batman's had some failed or disappointing side-kicks in the past but Dick was never one of them. He's the product of what Batman had intended for his sidekicks to become. Like I said with Batgirl, the fact that Ben Affleck's Batman is seasoned, it's perfectly plausible that we could see Nightwing as an existing entity in the DCCU. So here's how I envision Nightwing.

  • Jared Padelecki as Dick Grayson/Nightwing. The man looks like Dick and has that same kind of young vibe while maintaining a sense of maturity as well. This would obviously be an older Nightwing due to the corresponding age of Batman, but I'm okay with that.
  • I'd like to see frequent interaction with Ben Affleck's Batman. Like have Ben Affleck really be the mentor side-role in this. That would almost be unheard of having Batman as a side-role character instead shining forth to the forefront. Would also be cool to have Anna Kendrick's Batgirl make an appearance or cameo.
  • I'd really like this to be very acrobatic and eye-candy heavy. Dick is known for his superb acrobatics and mixing that with his combat style would be pretty awesome.

8. Supergirl

I so, so badly want to see a Supergirl live-action movie or even just a feature in a future Superman film. I have loved Supergirl's character since I watched Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. She's really not just a "girl version of Superman", she's entirely her own character and has a strong connection to Krypton that Superman could never have because of his origin. Here's how I'd envision Supergirl on film, mind you, I've put a lot of thought into this ever since I read the Man of Steel prequel which featured Kara and watched Man of Steel.

  • I cast Teresa Palmer as Kara Zor-El/Supergirl because she looks the part first off, but she's a bit older than the more teeny-bopper Supegirl we've seen in comics. This, to me, works because of Supergirl's origin in the Man of Steel prequel comic. She was the captain of her own mission with a crew of her own. She needs to definitely be more mature than previous incarnations we've seen.
  • I'd like her to have been frozen on Earth for the length of time her ship had been crashed in the arctic (by the way, that was her ship in Man of Steel that Kal-El found) and I'd like her to be discovered by Lex Luthor and somehow work this into a whole storyline featuring Brainiac which she could have a connection to as if it were like a legend in her world and that being the set-off the red alarm in her head that Lex Luthor is a bad dude.
  • Have her witness the events of the Superman/Zod fight in Metropolis via recording and have her mission be to find Kal-El to warn him of Brainiac. Even if she didn't get her own movie, this would be a good story for a Superman standalone.

9. Teen Titans

I'm a little worried about DC's year 2020 lineup. I know we'll have seen Ray Fisher as Cyborg in several movies by the time his own film comes out, but not having him in the Teen Titans feels wrong to me. I've never been an advocate for including him in the Justice League instead of Martian Manhunter. Cyborg should be a Teen Titans team member, that's just how I believe it ought to be. But what would a Teen Titans movie be like? Let's get into it.

  • First off, I have no idea who the casting would be for this movie. It would have to be a group of young actors for me to truly accept it, unless they just called it Titans and were done with it. But even though I don't have the actors picked out, I have the characters picked out and I believe that these characters should reflect the Teen Titans cartoon roster because it seemed very diverse.
  • Red Robin should obviously be included. I know in the cartoon he was known as Robin, but I believe in the DCCU that there should be several different Robins and so as to distinguish this, Red Robin aka Tim Drake should be team leader. Have him reference his training with Batman and exercise his intelligence on screen. Have him truly be a team leader without becoming a little snot.
  • Cyborg should be Red Robin's right-hand man, helping him in ways of information and really have them be the front-runners of the movie, almost like a buddy-cop film with other buddies in the background. Really dive into the tech of his and have him be an enforcer of what's right even when everyone else begins to doubt.
  • Starfire needs to be the film, dumb down her sexuality of course for several reasons. 1) we'd be casting a teen for this role, 2) adults, teens, and children need to be drawn into this movie, 3) it's annoying how everything is sexualized and I don't want that in this movie. That's not to say you can't have her wear something "similar" to what she wears, just cover her up more and don't have her flaunting the goods every-which direction, I don't want this to turn into Michael Bay's version of the Teen Titans.
  • Beast Boy would be tremendous to see. A little green boy who can transform into green animals and fighting in that capacity would be fun. There's no other way of saying it, it would just be pure fun and eye-candy with him.
  • Raven would be where we get a lot of our drama and a lot of our darkness. She would keep the team on their toes as her demeanor and demon father would be enough to keep everyone wary of her intentions. We could really let her shine in a way that says she is not her father's daughter in any other way but blood. Have a redemptive side of the story for her.
  • I'd also like to see Deathstroke come to play as the villain in this movie and have the Titans even maybe discover Rose Wilson as a sort of villain at first who ends up leaving "the dark side" by the end of the movie and teaming up with the Titans for a potential sequel.
  • Feel free to let me know what your Teen Titans movie roster would look like and if you have ideas for the cast, let me know in the comments below.

10. World's Finest

In 2016, we're getting movie history by seeing both Superman and Batman on the same screen. But in that movie they'll be coming to blows with each other and the entire movie really is acting as a setup for the 2017 Justice League movie. We won't really see these two working as a team until the Justice League does happen. So, here's my thoughts on the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel as a duo of heroism.

  • Have a unique threat come to face the two heroes that will somehow be personal for both of them. Something that they'd both only like to handle themselves but would still require the help of the other and that force them to work with each other.
  • Show how the trust and friendship between Bruce and Clark begins to grow and how that whole relationship works even though one is a non-super human and the other is a country-raised alien from another planet. Really highlighting the comparisons and contrasts similar to how other Superman/Batman books have in the past.
  • We need a World's Finest movie.

There you have it, I know a lot of my thoughts reflect some of those that others have while some thoughts be completely left-field, either way feel free to comment and vote who you feel deserves an onscreen appearance.


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